The FSFE's installation of LimeSurvey
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The FSFE's installation of LimeSurvey which is using an image of acspri/limesurvey and official MariaDB image.

Environment variables

Required environment variables:

  • LIMESURVEY_ADMIN_USER = Username for limesurvey administrator
  • LIMESURVEY_ADMIN_PASSWORD = Password for limesurvey administrator
  • LIMESURVEY_ADMIN_NAME = Name for limesurvey administrator
  • LIMESURVEY_ADMIN_EMAIL = Email for limesurvey administrator
  • LIMESURVEY_DB_NAME = Name for database
  • LIMESURVEY_TABLE_PREFIX = Prefix for database tables
  • LIMESURVEY_DB_PASSWORD = Password for database

Update Strategie

We use Renovate to update our LimeSurvey instance. If there is a suggestion in the web interface about an available update, please do not pay attention to it, as we could currently using a more stable version of LimeSurvey, and not the latest one. Additionally, the ComfortUpdate tool suggested in the web interface is a paid tool offered by LimeSurvey, so consider it as an advertisement. Thanks to Renovate and our dedicated sysadmins, our LimeSurvey instance is always up to date with its most stable version.