FSFE System Hackers

The FSFE system hackers are responsible for the infrastructure of the FSFE. We have one core group for our virtualisation environment and hardware, and several teams on top of this which are responsible for specific services.

Shell 0 0

Configure the icinga 2 server

Updated 1 day ago

Perl 0 0

A small service to preview an XHTML file in the fsfe.org design

Updated 1 day ago

The files necessary to run kan.fsfe.org

Updated 2 days ago

A service to manage discourse topics for news

Updated 2 days ago

Monitor changes in the mailing list settings

Updated 2 days ago

Shell 0 0

Discourse for the FSFE

Updated 1 week ago

Shell 0 0

Matomo website analytics

Updated 1 week ago

Installation of Lychee for the FSFE private/public picturebase

Updated 1 week ago

HTML 0 0

Web-based Mastodon & Pleroma Multi-account client

Updated 2 weeks ago

XSLT 0 3

The FSFE planet, a blog aggregator of posts from our community

Updated 3 weeks ago

Python 3 2

This is an API service to send emails and other information based on templates and double opt-ins from form submissions

Updated 1 month ago

Docker containers serving as nginx proxies for certain FSFE websites. SSL certificates are handled by the system-wide reverse-proxy and its Let's Encrypt companion.

Updated 1 month ago

Reverse proxy used to expose FSFE services

Updated 1 month ago

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Password management system

Updated 1 month ago

ApacheConf 0 0

Ansible playbook to set up build server for fsfe.org

Updated 2 months ago