A minimal example for a Docker container and how to deploy it https://minimal-docker.fsfe.org
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Minimal Docker example

Build Status REUSE status

This repo contains a rather minimalistic example of how a Docker service can look like in our infrastructure. It also shows how it's deployed via Drone.

It complements the technical documentation on Docker deployments for the FSFE System Hackers.

Important files

  • .drone.yml is picked up by our Drone CI, and executes the listed steps:
    • Check REUSE compliance
    • Run docker-compose to deploy the Docker container as defined, and only in defined events
    • On a defined docker host
    • For a rootless Docker environment
  • docker-compose.yml defines which containers are going to be started, and how they are described.
    • In this example very simple: building a Docker image based on the Dockerfile
    • It also exposes ports to the host and sets labels that allow our reverse proxy to channel incoming requests to the container
  • Dockerfile defines the layers of the Docker image minimaldocker that will be deployed.
    • Based on a well-maintained Python image
    • Running a very simple webserver that echoes HTTP requests