Installation of Lychee for the FSFE private/public picturebase
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Merge pull request 'Update lycheeorg/lychee Docker tag to v4.13.0' (#16) from renovate/lycheeorg-lychee-4.x into master
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2023-09-26 09:02:36 +00:00
.drone.yml Update docker Docker tag to v24 2023-05-17 00:33:25 +00:00 add docs-centralizer CI job 2023-01-11 11:20:04 +01:00
docker-compose.yml Update lycheeorg/lychee Docker tag to v4.13.0 2023-09-26 00:35:11 +00:00
renovate.json adapt versioning strategy 2023-07-28 13:21:27 +02:00


Lychee is the software we use to upload, organise and host pictures. Internally, it's called the FSFE's picturebase.