A service to manage discourse topics for news https://discourse-news.fsfe.org/
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Discourse News Topic Management

This service makes the process of preparing discourse topics for the discussion of FSFE news/podcast items easy. It is meant to be used by the FSFE's PR team members.


On fsfe.org we have the possibility to include a discussion link for news/podcast items which enabled interested people to comment on our articles. This happens via our Discourse instance, and the discussion tag in the XHTML files


To prepare a news item, the PR person requires the URL of the new Discourse topic, so it has to be prepared somehow. This service does exactly that:

  • See all (unpinned) topics in the special preparation category, only visible to certain people
  • View and edit any topic in this category
  • Create a new topic with title and body text
  • Delete a topic in this category
  • Publish it as a news item or podcast episode
    • Sets the desired target category
    • Sets the desired tag
    • Updates the timestamp to now

Afterwards, such a topic can no longer be managed by this service, but only directly in Discourse, until it is back in the preparation category.


  1. Open discourse-news.fsfe.org
  2. Use your personal FSFE account to log in
  3. Add a new topic or manage existing ones


This project is Free Software and REUSE compliant.