Website for the REUSE Initiative
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REUSE website

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We’re working to make managing copyrights and licenses in free and open source software easier. This is the website for a guide of best practices, meant to demonstrate how to add copyright and license information to a project in ways which allow for more automation.

The specification, FAQ, and tutorial are located in a separate “docs” repository.


Before doing anything, run the following commands to download the documentation as submodule, and to synchronise the contents of the submodule into the site/ directory:

git submodule update --init

There’s no installation here, but to test the website locally, run hugo server inside the site/ directory. Typically, we let our Drone CI build and deploy the website for us.


Go to and enjoy :-) If your project follows the reuse guidelines, we encourage you to show that in your and similar! You will find this and more developer tools here.


We welcome your pull requests and issue reports. Please be aware that this repository does not contain the specification, tutorial, and FAQ, so please direct your inquiry to reuse docs.

Generally, we invite you to contact and join the REUSE mailing list.


The website “chrome” strings are localized using the standard, built-in Hugo i18n support. Those files are in data/.


The theme used for this website is based on github-project-landing-page which is licensed under the the MIT license.

The content of the website, the best practices, are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.

Please find the exact licenses and copyright holders in all file headers, accompanying .license files, and the DEP-5 file in .reuse/dep5.