REUSE recommendations, tutorials, FAQ and specification
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REUSE documents

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We're working to make managing copyrights and licenses in free and open source software easier. This is a collection of tutorials, FAQs and specifications to demonstrate how to add copyright and license information to a project in ways which allow for more automation.


There's no installation here, only the plain text documents. The sister repository reuse-website includes this repository as a submodule to display it on


Go to and enjoy :-) If your project follows the reuse guidelines, we encourage you to show that in your and similar! Just register your project with the REUSE API and copy the resulting badge code in your README file.


We'd love to get feedback on these practices, ideally in the form of pull requests which we can discuss around.

We also accept and appreciate feedback by creating issues in the project or by sending an e-mail to the public REUSE mailing list.


Translation happens by conversion Markdown into gettext using po4a. To generate the .md files from the gettext .po files, run: po4a po/po4a.conf.


The latest official specification release is in the stable branch, while the main branch (master) contains fixes and new and potentially breaking specification changes. Typically, non-spec changes or insignificant fixes for the spec are "backported" to the stable branch.


The relevant documents in this repository are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.