The FSFE's Community Database and all its related components
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FSFE Community Database





The development of the FSFE Community Database is based on docker and docker-compose. Please note that this has been more tested against a rootless Docker daemon and since we run this type of daemon in both staging and production environments, it is recommended you have the same daemon running on your local machine. Here are Docker's installation instructions. Along with a text editor, these are the only two hard dependencies you need to have installed in order to start developing.

If you want to contribute, you also need pipenv and pre-commit installed locally. After installing pre-commit, you need to run

pre-commit install

in order to set up the check to run before every commit.

Start the development containers

Once you have them, run

make dev

to start all three modules, i.e. back, front and auth in unison. The corresponding directories in this repository are mounted inside these containers so you can start changing the code in one of them, and the apps will update automatically during runtime as they all run the built-in Flask debugging server. Once you're done with your changes run

make qc.all

before committing as the commands run by this rule will need to complete without errors in order to pass through our CI system.

If you want to find out what other commands are available via the Makefile, run


to display a small manual page.





@reinhard @max @linus


Small note: If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


AGPL-3.0-or-later © 2021 FSFE System Hackers