Worker server for the REUSE API, taking and executing requests
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This repository contains two elements for the REUSE API's worker server:

  • The Ansible playbook that initiates (and updates) the worker server itself. Currently written for an Ubuntu server.
  • The Docker image that performs a reuse lint for a Git repository. A container based on this image is spun up for each check.

It is supposed to be invoked by the REUSE API service.



Just run ansible-playbook -i inventory setup.yml to deploy all hosts given in the inventory. Make sure that you have SSH access to the given ansible_user, and that this user has sudo permissions to become root.

Note the tags that allow you to only run specific routines.

Docker image

The Docker image is based on fsfe/reuse and contains the simple script in this repository.

To build the image, run docker build -t reuse-api .


Running the check is fairly simple:

$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/reuse_ed25519 reuse-lint-repo
Cloning into '/project'...

Checking REUSE compliance for commit d3121becd4d715df40ba6b72394582b85d1c5cc9:


* Bad licenses:
* Missing licenses:
* Unused licenses:
* Used licenses: AGPL-3.0-or-later, Apache-2.0, CC-BY-SA-4.0, CC0-1.0, GPL-3.0-or-later, MIT, OFL-1.1
* Read errors: 0
* Files with copyright information: 61 / 61
* Files with license information: 61 / 61

Congratulations! Your project is compliant with version 3.0 of the REUSE Specification :-)

The exit codes of this command can be evaluated in a later stage, so that a web service could decide which badge to display.