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FSFE Website

This repository contains the source files of,,,,, and

Table of Contents

Technical information

Our web team has compiled some information about technology used for this website on the Information for Webmasters page.


Most files are XHTML files organised in a rather logical folder structure.

Important folders

Notable directories are:

  • about: Information about the FSFE itself, its team members etc
  • activities: All specific FSFE activities
  • at, de, ee etc: Folders used for the FSFE country teams
  • build: Mostly custom Bash and XSL scripts to build the website
  • cgi-bin: Our very few CGI scripts
  • error: Custom 4xx and 5xx error pages
  • events: Files for our events, ordered by year
  • freesoftware: More timeless pages explaining Free Software and related topics
  • global: Globally used data files and modules, also the static translated strings.
  • graphics: Icons, pictures and logos
  • internal: Forms used mostly by FSFE staff for internal processes
  • look: CSS and other style files
  • news: Files for news articles, press releases, and newsletters ordered by year
  • order: Our web shop
  • scripts: JavaScript files used on our pages
  • tags: Files necessary to display used tags throughout the website. Mostly automatically generated
  • tools: Contains miscellaneous XML, XSL, and SH files.

Other domains

This repository also contains the source files of other websites the FSFE hosts:


Become member of our awesome webmaster team and help improving our online information platform! The web teams wiki page contains info how to join the mailing list, where a issue tracker can be found, and how to edit the website's source code.


We adore our voluntary translators who make information about Free Software available over 30 languages, from Arabic to Turkish!

Join them to spread the message of our community in all over Europe and beyond. The translators team page will introduce you to their amazing work.


You can build the website on your own computer to make previews of single pages possible offline and without having to wait for an online website build. A dedicated wiki page tells you how to do it.