Øjvind Fritjof Arnfred Slartibartfast
  • Denmark
  • https://øretiløre.dk
  • I live and work in Denmark. I am learning programming in my spare time, but in the meantime I translate and do local activism to promote Free Software in Denmark. I play bass and make podcasts also.

  • Joined on 2022-04-21
Source files of fsfe.org, pdfreaders.org, freeyourandroid.org, ilovefs.org, drm.info, and test.fsfe.org. Contribute: https://fsfe.org/contribute/web/
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Sources of the Ada & Zangemann children's book
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this is a test repository as I'm trying to learn gitea
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Source files of publiccode.eu, the official website for the "Public Money, Public Code" campaign
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