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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  2. <newsset>
  3. <news type="newsletter" date="2008-01-16">
  4. <title>FSFE Newsletter</title>
  5. <body>
  6. The last month of 2007 was pretty exciting, with the
  7. biggest news being the release of interoperability information by Microsoft in
  8. connection with the European antitrust case. The SAMBA project has arranged
  9. full access to specifications necessary for communication competitive
  10. alternatives to Microsoft's proprietary products. Of course, this does not
  11. mean that Microsoft's monopolistic behaviour has been resolved. A new
  12. antitrust case may be undertaken after complaints by Opera Software that
  13. Microsoft has willfully distorted the web browser marketplace. It's
  14. also important to note that this does not in any way solve the problem
  15. with patents on software. Such patents are still being granted by the
  16. European Patent Office (EPO) in violation of current law, and the FSFE is
  17. encouraging the European Commission to take actions to permanently abolish
  18. patents on software, both in theory and practice.
  19. </body>
  20. <link></link>
  21. </news>
  22. </newsset>