Simulation of the Enigma machine for Android
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Changelog EnigmAndroid



  • Added support for fastlane metadata
  • Remove What’s new dialog



  • Added language: Brazilian-Portuguese



  • Added Enigma KD
  • Added “protocol version” to QR-Code-shared configuration strings. This breaks backwards compatibility to older versions, but I added it to enable backwards compatibility in upcoming releases.
  • Configurations can now be shared to EnigmAndroid as text
  • Moved preference management to SettingsActivity
  • Added dialog to choose whether to share configuration via text or via QR-code
  • Same for receiving
  • Added TextBox to configuration-share-dialog that lets the user see and copy the configuration string.
  • Added Whats-new-Dialog
  • New Icon!
  • Added Script to automatically generate icons
  • Reformatted code


  • Add tips on long clicks at parts

  • Move KD right below K

  • Add intent filters to recognize and automatically handle shared/copied configuration Strings .These are Strings starting with “EnigmAndroid/”

  • Write tests to ensure correct functionality (Pull Requests welcome)

  • Add multi-Enigma (select any rotor/reflector etc. Probably wont happen too soon)



  • Added option to share/receive configurations via QR-Code (ZXing Barcode Scanner)
  • Prevent user from setting incomplete reflector wiring
  • Add option to generate configuration from passphrase
  • Reworked Enigma definition (available Rotors/Reflectors/ Entrywheels
  • Completely verified correct functionality of Enigma T
  • Added number spelling in spanish, italian
  • Added backwards compatibility to API level 10 (Gingerbread 2.3.3)



  • Added Enigma G31
  • Added Enigma G312
  • Added Enigma G260
  • Replaced Enigma K with Enigma K, K (Swiss) and K (Swiss, Airforce)
  • Added Enigma R
  • Changed identifiers of enigma models
  • Changed landscape layout of enigma model d
  • Updated the about-dialog text.
  • Shortened EnigmaStateBundle
  • Added different colors to the plugboard-/pluggable reflector dialog. This helps to differentiate connections.
  • Reworked InputPreparer using decorator pattern and added options to customize input preparation
  • Reworked Reflector-/Rotor creation/management
  • Added Button to set the Enigma into a random configuration



  • Added Enigma K
  • Added Enigma T
  • Created Plugboard-/pluggable Reflector-Setting-Dialog



  • Fixed about dialog (outdated manual)
  • Updated CHANGELOG (oops)
  • Added Enigma D
  • Added rotor names to ringSettingsDialog
  • Reworked major parts of the app once again :)
  • Added option to break messages up into blocks



  • Added french number spelling
  • Added Enigma Models M3, M4
  • Added option to select different enigma models into options menu
  • Added developer class for simple rotor creation (not a feature in the app)
  • Fixed broken ring settings
  • Fixed false reset of ring settings when switching from/to landscape mode



  • Reworked the core implementation to follow some principals of Software Engineering
  • Fixed some layout issues
  • Fixed anomaly for step by step inputs
  • Added send/receive text functionality
  • added missing licenses to class files
  • Added proper documentation
  • Extended input interpretation (number spelling in different languages, any unknown special character now becomes ‘X’



  • Added About Dialog with ChangeLog-Button
  • Moved Version Info into About Dialog
  • Updated License Files
  • Fixed Landscape Layout