Making European public procurement data explorable for non-experts

The Python code powering the TEDective API
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The TypeScript code powering the TEDective UI
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The Python code powering the TEDective ETL pipeline. Takes TED XML, eForms (WIP) and potentially other public procurement data and outputs OCDS JSON and parquet files to ease importing the data into a graph database using the simplified OCDSGraph ontology.
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The code in this repo configures the TEDective production server that was graciously sponsored by publicplan.de. It contains a nix flake that is deployed remotely to a dedicated server at Hetzner. It also serves as the runner for the Gitea actions in the TEDective organization.
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The documentation for the TEDective project and the blog
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This repo contains all files (presentations, pitches, documents, portfolios, etc.) that are not part of the TEDective itself but that are were used as part of Project 4 by @micgor32, @nedas, @i.galabov.
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Making European Tender Data Explorable for Non-Experts (archived monorepo)
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