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  Max Mehl 08aa8831d0 always use root page for shares 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 6bbc36a637 enable dynamic share texts for share-column on left side 2 years ago
  Max Mehl b78eb1e624 better wording for support button. Fixes #50 2 years ago
  Max Mehl a9036d4b45 change 'title' attribute of form depending on which share button one clicks to change displayed text per service 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 0047eb6b0b fix link colour to be visible on blue background 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 207675d204 move individual signatures to a separate sub-page-section below organisation signatures 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 0c73cb579a restructure specific subpage partials 2 years ago
  erik.ds e5e990249c Added AEL to list 2 years ago
  erik.ds fa849b42ef Added OSI on list 2 years ago
  Max Mehl ff55b86528 change license to cc by-sa. fixes #57 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 839fdc8b4a update open letter demand on front page. fixes #64 2 years ago
  Max Mehl f46daccdfe sort signatures by reverse timestamp 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 1712123acc adapt paths to new forms signature DB 2 years ago
  Max Mehl a7604b7df2 no longer use old signature database and replace by forms DB 2 years ago
  erik.ds 836b80acf7 Added Linuxwochen in json 2 years ago
  erik.ds a483de4c82 Added Linuxwoche logo 2 years ago
  erik.ds d0a7f4160a Added New Signees - quintessenz and Software Liberty Association Taiwan SLAT 2 years ago
  erik.ds 5e3b49dcef added SLAT logo 2 years ago
  erik.ds 4ffd88e102 added quintessenz logo 2 years ago
  erik.ds 4b41b9e200 Added CCC in signees json 2 years ago
  erik.ds 23489511b8 Added CCC 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 11279e238e revert raw display of signature data 2 years ago
  Max Mehl ac9f99961a obviously the new json data file should be displayed... 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 36a9379a96 display raw content of signature file for debuggung reasons 2 years ago
  Max Mehl c36643f4c8 add shortlink to mounted forms-data file 2 years ago
  Jonas Oberg 13a3974bf5 Set the correct appid 2 years ago
  Jonas Oberg c18d4202b3 Change to use forms system 2 years ago
  erik.ds d072ab0e08 Added OSI logo 2 years ago
  erik.ds 01269bd428 Deleted old AEL logo 2 years ago
  erik.ds 1adfdcee9c Added AEL logo 2 years ago
  Max Mehl bbceda025e add working counting function as partial template and shortcode 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 8c8db8a908 change signature table display, show comment, and make it scrollable 2 years ago
  Max Mehl e39ad618be add comment field variable in sign.php 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 1059214772 add optional comment field to sign form 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 9430598b01 rename image files 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 3ab6fc7c17 modify margins on first slide a bit to make bouncing arrow better visible on small screens 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 09f9df102b add .webm videos, thanks Florian! 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 3013c47f46 more links and hover-texts to Free Software definition. also reusable definition boxes in arguments section and under /openletter. Fixes #62 2 years ago
  erik.ds bd97261e6d Upload files to 'site/static/img/signees' 2 years ago
  erik.ds 44e41acf0c Delete 'site/static/img/signees/dyne.png' 2 years ago
  erik.ds 2e5a50da34 Delete 'site/static/img/signees/dyne.svg' 2 years ago
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  erik.ds 23681c2fe8 Upload files to 'site/static/img/signees' 2 years ago
  erik.ds 506198807d Delete 'site/static/img/signees/okf.png' 2 years ago
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