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  Robin Krahl 049a90ed8a Add clang-tidy tests to target checkstyle 1 year ago
  Robin Krahl aa9d554d73 Use nullptr instead of NULL 1 year ago
  Robin Krahl 74aec22eb5 Use deletion instead of unimplemented constructors 1 year ago
  Robin Krahl 8338799d28 Add rules to generate libsqlitepp.so.1 1 year ago
  Robin Krahl 243b24b35c Use reinterpret_cast instead of C-style cast 1 year ago
  Robin Krahl d012b9c1a4 Initialize m_handle in Database 1 year ago
  Robin Krahl 42de7326c1 Remove unnecessary consts from function declarations 1 year ago
  Robin Krahl 9d36dacdbf Add default constructors to Uncopyable 1 year ago
  Robin Krahl 9c658f9a11 Move version information to constants 1 year ago
  Robin Krahl a46be28d07 sqlitepp.h: Add complete version as SQLITEPP_VERSION 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl 004fbbe648 Makefile: Add version number to doxygen 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl c57df19053 Add version information to the Makefile and to sqlitepp.h 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl bdaf2194e0 Makefile: Set the library directory when compiling sqlitepp_test 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl a2ba7a6cbc Makefile: Fix indentation 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl 1799af4802 sqlitepp_test.cpp: Add a test case with non-ASCII characters 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl 760b3fee15 Makefile: Add a memcheck target 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl eef18d10b4 sqlite.cpp: Use ostringstream instead of + 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl 701de7a5a0 Update README.md 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl d1a9a57795 Improve build documentation 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl c2c7d5f263 sqlitepp: Fix the initializer order for the Statement constructor 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl 53e470c837 Makefile: Add test target to run sqlitepp_test 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl 01661c4231 Makefile: Add the library as a dependecy to the test 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl 2f070d3027 Update .gitignore 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl e1d6684a7a Move sources directly to src and rename to .cpp. 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl cbe3dc9f40 Move from CMake to a plain Makefile 2 years ago
  Robin Krahl 400bdee335 Update README. 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl a96e76f8e3 Fix readme, remove .travis.yml (poor C++ support). 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl 6a00fdf807 Add lastInsertRowId, minor improvements. 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl e04b08fdf5 Update README.md. 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl cc31ea1a42 Fix .travix.yml. 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl dd08fce032 Fix .travix.yml. 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl 3f3ae3ade3 Build gtest for travis. 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl 167206bd46 Fix .travis.yml 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl f7303dfd11 Add CMake installation to .travis.yml. 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl 56b56f46f1 Refactoring and update. 4 years ago
  Robin Krahl 6228b0a15c Initial commit 5 years ago
  Robin Krahl f607c3aaa3 Initial commit 5 years ago