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Improve documentation 1 month ago
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Add a log message 1 month ago
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Move --include-submodules out of lint 1 month ago
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Merge branch 'master' into submodule 1 month ago
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Add extra test 1 month ago
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Update change log and documentation 1 month ago
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Add Kirill as contributor 1 month ago
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Deal with files that contain a shebang but no SPDX 1 month ago
  carmenbianca 48d250a270
Remove useless line 1 month ago
  carmenbianca ec911494b3
Write logic for separating shebangs 1 month ago
  carmenbianca 8105b9c895
Implement find_first_spdx_comment 1 month ago
  carmenbianca 98fbd3c0a5
Improve logging during testing slightly 1 month ago
  carmenbianca dabfa3d985
Change the MachineReadableFormatError workaround 1 month ago
  carmenbianca a389aa2f6a
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 1 month ago
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Satisfy linter 1 month ago
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Update change log 1 month ago
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Bump version: 0.5.1 → 0.5.2 1 month ago
  carmenbianca 6c6cea2530
Create a workaround for MachineReadableFormatError 1 month ago
  Max Mehl 45ecedab09
use dynamically created compliance badge 1 month ago
  carmenbianca 32d8ab9c6a
Bump version: 0.5.0 → 0.5.1 1 month ago
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Bump change log 1 month ago
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Merge pull request #101 from fsfe/debian-syntax-error 1 month ago
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Add change log entry 1 month ago
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Handle an additional DEP-5 syntax error 1 month ago
  carmenbianca 06cae619eb
Merge pull request #85 from fsfe/performance 1 month ago
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Add change log entry 1 month ago
  carmenbianca 64ef6b3bb6
Do not checksum files when linting 3 months ago
  carmenbianca 6f9bfacc88
Merge pull request #83 from fsfe/license-list-3.6-2-g2a14810 1 month ago
  carmenbianca 38509ca467
Merge branch 'master' into license-list-3.6-2-g2a14810 1 month ago
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Merge pull request #102 from fsfe/underscore-main 1 month ago
  carmenbianca 2b4fe1aa05
Add __main__ module 1 month ago
  David Kleuker 1b0fbf2ebb Add NixOS package link to README (#96) 1 month ago
  Max Mehl 4eaa1c4fd0
add installation via Guix 2 months ago
  carmenbianca 592be74d65
Merge pull request #90 from fsfe/update-readme 3 months ago
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Temporarily rename tool back to reuse 3 months ago
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Rename PIP to pip 3 months ago
  carmenbianca 28bf127d54
Add Fedora and openSUSE 3 months ago
  Max Mehl dcf8a79834
more options for tool installation 3 months ago
  Max Mehl b4f12327a9
improve wording 3 months ago
  Max Mehl edb9365c81
update README with new content on the website, and improve format 3 months ago
  carmenbianca f115aff2c5
Add change log entry 3 months ago
  carmenbianca 045d2ea8d4
Linter is now aware of extensionless licenses 3 months ago
  carmenbianca 76dc6c0423
Detect license identifier from full file name 3 months ago
  carmenbianca 5a1fa7f622
Do not skip .spdx extensions in LICENSES/ 3 months ago
  carmenbianca a61aa15c0f
Update license list 3 months ago
  carmenbianca 4c0626f2aa
Change email address 3 months ago
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Update CHANGELOG.md 3 months ago
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Bump version: 0.4.1 → 0.5.0 3 months ago
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Fix Lisp comment character 3 months ago