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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 8 hours ago
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Update requirements.txt 8 hours ago
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Merge pull request #124 from fsfe/uncommentable2 10 hours ago
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Add an extra suggestion for the user 10 hours ago
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Merge branch 'deprecated' 11 hours ago
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Add a test 11 hours ago
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Update example 11 hours ago
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Merge branch 'master' into deprecated 11 hours ago
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Merge branch 'license-detection' 12 hours ago
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Update change log 12 hours ago
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Update example 12 hours ago
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Fix the whole linting thing 12 hours ago
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Merge branch 'master' into license-detection 13 hours ago
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Merge branch 'root-dir' 13 hours ago
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Change section name 14 hours ago
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Added a template to the change log 14 hours ago
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Satisfy linter 14 hours ago
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Update change log 14 hours ago
  carmenbianca 029abc932e
Remove 'paths' argument from ProjectReport.generate 14 hours ago
  carmenbianca 762227b009
Remove 'path' positional from 'lint' 14 hours ago
  carmenbianca f18c8de4f7
Merge branch 'master' into root-dir 14 hours ago
  carmenbianca 65e2fc80f5
Add version number and release date to CHANGELOG 14 hours ago
  carmenbianca eff93e3144
Bump version: 0.5.2 → 0.6.0 14 hours ago
  carmenbianca bffa3bace0
Extract implementation details to separate section 14 hours ago
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Add change log entry 3 days ago
  carmenbianca c924fe9e05
Handle deprecated licenses 3 days ago
  carmenbianca ae8aa313f3
Fix tests 3 days ago
  carmenbianca a713b387bb
Downgrade log message to INFO 3 days ago
  carmenbianca 16f8820eea
Add extensionless licenses to summary 3 days ago
  carmenbianca c7450d4bdf
Merge branch 'master' into license-detection 3 days ago
  carmenbianca a14027f9f8
Merge pull request #121 from fsfe/yaml 5 days ago
  carmenbianca c80eddfb35
Add .yaml/.yml support 5 days ago
  carmenbianca f560f47b7f
Update documentation 5 days ago
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Small fixes 5 days ago
  carmenbianca e4ef9891f2
Add change log entry 5 days ago
  carmenbianca de342babab
Implement logic for detecting non-children of root 5 days ago
  carmenbianca aaa9297c07
Implement --root 5 days ago
  carmenbianca 0ce6c8d3c0
Pass project to main func 5 days ago
  carmenbianca 00abc87e42
Fix changelog header 5 days ago
  carmenbianca 02842b9adb
Merge pull request #114 from fsfe/explicit-license-unsupported 6 days ago
  carmenbianca 44345b84a8
Merge pull request #115 from fsfe/kotlin-xml 6 days ago
  carmenbianca 3ae496a40e
Fix `addheader --explicit-license` to not break on unsupported files 6 days ago
  carmenbianca 7e488f009e
Add support for .kt and .xml 6 days ago
  carmenbianca 4fe435ad26
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 2 weeks ago
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Add white space after DEP5 text 2 weeks ago
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Merge pull request #106 from fsfe/fix-shebang 2 weeks ago
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Remov white space 2 weeks ago
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Merge branch 'master' into fix-shebang 2 weeks ago
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Make some functions private 2 weeks ago
  carmenbianca 696fb51b33
Merge pull request #79 from RipCazza/submodule 2 weeks ago