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add Bündnis Freie Bildung 2 months ago
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add FUSS project 2 months ago
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add 3 new signatories 2 months ago
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adding asturia to signers 2 months ago
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add mediale pfade 3 months ago
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add ALDIL 3 months ago
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add Mozilla 4 months ago
  George Brooke-Smith 2c00c33cce add free silicon 6 months ago
  George Brooke-Smith 52a396ab18 add d64 6 months ago
  George Brooke-Smith 3bf504cb8a add chamilo 8 months ago
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add efn to open letter 9 months ago
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add Freie Messenger 9 months ago
  George Brooke-Smith 90b7ccf1aa add Obshtestvo.bg to open letter 10 months ago
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add Dedidem lab to signatories 10 months ago
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add t3n as signer 10 months ago
  taringamberini 87fb388dbb Let JUG Padova supporting Public Money Public Code 11 months ago
  George Brooke-Smith c7712c3c37 Add Electronic Frontier Foundation to the open letter (#294) 1 year ago
  Max Mehl d1cb09fcbc
update Load's logo (closes #292) 1 year ago
  George Brooke-Smith 42473d2341 Add load eV to the open letter (#291) 1 year ago
  Max Mehl e2b0be134e
compress images 1 year ago
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add WordPress Foundation to open letter 1 year ago
  alex.busch cc7ceb4bbb add organisation Security without borders to PMPC supporters (#279) 1 year ago
  alex.busch 6d92979092 added supporter organisation FSFWD to supporters (#277) 1 year ago
  vincent 6b647a76b7
Add LUKi e.V. 1 year ago
  janwey 8041b4ef6d Add Cliss XII 1 year ago
  janwey 8528728d8c Add Neutrinet 1 year ago
  janwey b43428cdb8 Add Lea-Linux 1 year ago
  janwey 7f5e579d4d Add Integreat 1 year ago
  janwey 2a1795e656 Add FOSS-AG 1 year ago
  janwey 14be8e3cc2 Add HardenedLinux 1 year ago
  janwey 1b60446cea Add FVDE 1 year ago
  janwey b5ad464d9e Add Electronic Reuse 1 year ago
  janwey d51ec696fb Add Associacio Pangea 1 year ago
  janwey b4488175e5 Add Eigenbaukombinat 1 year ago
  janwey cc07c3b16a Add Aula de Software Libre de la Universidad de Cordoba 1 year ago
  janwey 21b0e79d1d Add PNLug 1 year ago
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  janwey 74f515b69a Add Elektra Initiative 1 year ago
  janwey ebcbee70d8 Add Konglomerat e.V. 1 year ago
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  janwey 233bad3d81 Add Stratum0 1 year ago
  janwey 293aeaee28 Add La Paillasse 1 year ago
  janwey a0ad735319 Add Barcelona Free Software Friends 1 year ago
  janwey 30599c9e89 Add Hackerspace.gr 1 year ago
  vincent 1e6cae0c39 Add Communecter as international NGO 1 year ago
  janwey ad39265ef9 Add Bergamo Linux Users Group 1 year ago
  janwey 90742f2053 Add Setem Catalonia 1 year ago
  janwey d0f2a285a3 Add Wikimedia Czech Republic 1 year ago
  janwey f80fc9050b Add ThisHosting.Rocks 1 year ago