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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <html>
  3. <head>
  4. <title>FSFE - Information Folder</title>
  5. </head>
  6. <body>
  7. <a id="moreinfo" href="">Free Software Foundation Europe</a>
  8. <div id="fsfe">
  9. <h1>Free Software Foundation Europe</h1>
  10. <p class="background">
  11. Access to software determines participation in a digital society. To
  12. ensure equal access, participation and competition in the information
  13. age, Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is dedicated to digital
  14. freedom in the form of Free Software. No person should ever be in a
  15. position to use software that does not offer the freedoms to be used,
  16. studied, modified and distributed.
  17. </p>
  18. <p>
  19. FSFE was founded in 2001 as a non-profit and non-governmental
  20. organisation to strengthen the social, political, legal and technical
  21. foundation of Free Software in Europe. It is active in a strong global
  22. network of like-minded organisations and has teams in many European
  23. countries.
  24. </p>
  25. <a href=""></a>
  26. </div>
  27. <div id="free_software">
  28. <h1>What is Free Software?</h1>
  29. <p>
  30. Free in Free Software refers to freedom, not price. Free Software
  31. provides four essential freedoms:
  32. </p>
  33. <ul>
  34. <li>
  35. <b>The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.</b>
  36. Placing restrictions on the use of Free Software, such as time ("30
  37. days trial period", "license expires January 1st, 2004") or purpose
  38. ("permission granted for research and non-commercial use") makes a
  39. program non-free.
  40. </li>
  41. <li>
  42. <b>The freedom to study how the program works, and adapt it to your
  43. needs.</b>
  44. Placing legal or practical restrictions on the comprehension or
  45. modification of a program, such as mandatory purchase of special
  46. licenses, signing of a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) or - for
  47. programming languages that have multiple forms or representations -
  48. making the preferred human way of comprehending and editing a program
  49. ("source code") inaccessible also makes it proprietary (non-free).
  50. Without the freedom to modify a program, people will remain at the
  51. mercy of a single vendor.
  52. </li>
  53. <li>
  54. <b>The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help others.</b>
  55. Software can be copied/distributed at virtually no cost. If you are
  56. not allowed to give a program to another person, that makes a program
  57. non-free. This can be done for a charge, if you so choose.
  58. </li>
  59. <li>
  60. <b>The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements
  61. to the public, so that the whole community benefits.</b>
  62. Not everyone is a good programmer. Some people do not know how to
  63. program at all. This freedom allows those who do not have the time or
  64. skills to solve a problem to gain access to improved software. This
  65. can be done for a charge.
  66. </li>
  67. </ul>
  68. <p>
  69. These freedoms are rights, not obligations. Respecting these freedoms
  70. for society may at times oblige the individual. Any person can choose
  71. not to make use of them, but may also choose to make use of all of
  72. them. In particular, it should be understood that Free Software does
  73. not prevent commercial use. If a program fails to allow commercial use
  74. and commercial distribution, it is not Free Software. A growing number
  75. of companies base their business model on Free Software, including some
  76. of the largest software vendors. Free Software makes it legal to
  77. provide help and assistance, it does not make it mandatory.
  78. </p>
  79. </div>
  80. <div id="contribute">
  81. <h1>Contribute</h1>
  82. <p class="background">
  83. Your support allows FSFE to continue working for Free Software. It
  84. helps to increase our profile and allows us to launch new projects that
  85. benefit the entire community.
  86. </p>
  87. <h2>Get involved!</h2>
  88. <p>
  89. The most direct way to support FSFE is by getting involved in what we
  90. do. We are a collaborative community and our work is the result of
  91. contributions by hundreds of people. You can be one of them by joining
  92. one of our teams. Perhaps you can help with the translation team, the
  93. booth teams, or one of many others.
  94. </p>
  95. <a href=""></a>
  96. <h2>Join the Fellowship of FSFE!</h2>
  97. <p>
  98. This is the easiest way to become involved in our activities. As a
  99. Fellow, you add your visible support and contribution to all activities
  100. of FSFE. You will also meet many like-minded people online and in the
  101. many Fellowship meetings across Europe.
  102. </p>
  103. <a href=""></a>
  104. <h2>Donate money and convince your employer to become a Patron of
  105. FSFE!</h2>
  106. <p>
  107. The effectiveness of FSFE depends to a large degree on the financial
  108. resources that we can use to work for Free Software. By donating, you
  109. and your company can contribute directly to this. Our bank details:
  110. </p>
  111. <a href=""></a>
  112. </div>
  113. <address>
  114. Free Software Foundation Europe<br/>
  115. Talstraße 110, 40217 Düsseldorf, Germany<br/>
  116. E-Mail:<br/>
  117. Phone: +49 700 373387673<br/>
  119. </address>
  120. </body>
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