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1 year ago
.. 2011-12-17 Martin Gollowitzer <> 7 years ago Some cleanup and e-mail alias updates 2 years ago Add 2 new personell accounts. 1 year ago
odtfill Upon receiving a promo order, autogenerate the letter to be sent along with the 1 year ago This should finally work... 2 years ago Removed reference number that's not used at all. 1 year ago added institution email variable to perl vars 8 years ago introduce static response page for pdf petition 4 years ago
perdiem.php revert hiding of zero perdiem days 2 years ago
promotion.php Add OrderState dynamic field for OTRS 1 year ago
registerevent.php For event registrations in OTRS, set owner as well. 1 year ago
search.cgi replace language variable 3 years ago
share.php add Mastodon 1 year ago Add OrderState dynamic field for OTRS 1 year ago