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  2. <html>
  3. <head>
  4. <title>Transparency Commitment - FSFE</title>
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  6. </head>
  7. <body>
  8. <p id="category"><a href="/about/">About</a></p>
  9. <h1>Transparency Commitment</h1>
  10. <div class="captioned right" style="max-width: 250; width: 23%">
  11. <a href="">
  12. <img src="/graphics/logo-transparent-civil-society.png" alt="Logo from Transparent Civil Society" width="100%"/>
  13. </a>
  14. </div>
  15. <p id="introduction">As part of its initiative <a
  16. href="">“transparent
  17. civil society”</a>, Transparency International Germany provides a guide on
  18. how to make a transparency commitment. This page guides you to the relevant
  19. information on our website.</p>
  20. <ol>
  21. <li><a href="/about/legal/imprint.html">Name, place, address, founding year</a>.</li>
  22. <li><a href="/about/legal/constitution.html">Full constitution</a>, <a href="/about/legal/legal.html">minutes from the annual assemblies</a>,
  23. information about concrete goals and <a
  24. href="/about/principles.html">how we want to reach them</a>.</li>
  25. <li>Date and other details of the last official notification from the finance
  26. authorities that certifies our tax-deductible status as a non-profit organisation <a
  27. href="/donate/germany.html">in Germany</a>. We also hold that tax-deductible status in <a href="/donate/netherlands.html">the
  28. Netherlands</a>, and <a
  29. href="/donate/switzerland.html">Switzerland</a>.</li>
  30. <li><a href="/about/team.html">Name and function of our decision
  31. makers</a>.</li>
  32. <li>Reports about the activities of the organisation are available in our
  33. yearly reports: <a href="/news/2017/news-20170109-01.html">2016</a>, <a href="/news/2016/news-20160224-01.html">2015</a>, <a href="/news/2014/news-20141218-02.html">2014</a>, <a
  34. href="/news/2012/report-2012.html">2012</a>, and <a
  35. href="/donate/letter-2011.html">2011</a>. Besides that, we report our activities in <a
  36. href="/news/news.html">general news</a>, <a
  37. href="/news/newsletter.html">monthly newsletters</a>, the <a
  38. href="/about/legal/legal.html">annual minutes from the general
  39. assembly</a>, as well as on <a href="/contact/community.html">our
  40. mailinglists</a>.</li>
  41. <li>How much staff we have and how much they work, is available on <a
  42. href="/about/team.html">our team page</a>.</li>
  43. <li><a href="/about/funds/funds.html">Information on how we use our
  44. money</a>.</li>
  45. <li>Legal connections with other organisations: We are a
  46. member of <a href="">European Digital Rights (EDRi)</a>.
  47. Besides, we have <a href="/associates/associates.html">associated organisations</a> and
  48. <a href="/about/fsfnetwork.html">sister organisations around the
  49. world, but are not legally connected with them</a>.</li>
  50. <li>We list the names of legal bodies which donated more than 10% of our
  51. total yearly income on <a href="/donate/thankgnus.html">our donor page</a>.
  52. People who donate more than 10% of our yearly income are only listed if
  53. they agree to be listed; if they do not agree, we list the donation as an “anonymous donation from a private
  54. person”.</li>
  55. </ol>
  56. </body>
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