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  1. General assembly of the FSF Europe
  2. "Viktoriasalen"
  3. Department of informatics
  4. Viktoriagatan 13
  5. Gothenburg
  6. Sweden
  7. Saturday, May 15th 2004
  8. 17:05 Opening by the chair.
  9. By invitation sent on April 2nd, 2004 we have come together to the
  10. general assembly in Gothenburg on Saturday May 15th, 2004.
  11. People attending the Assembly are:
  12. Georg Greve [chair]
  13. Werner Koch [protocol]
  14. Stefano Mafulli
  15. Bernhard Reiter
  16. Jonas Öberg
  17. Reinhard Müller
  18. The chair confirms that the orderly invitation has been issued in
  19. time and more than one third of the members are represented and
  20. therefore we are resolutionable.
  21. Agenda:
  22. 1. Greeting
  23. 2. Determination of resolutionability
  24. 3. Approval of protocol of general assembly held
  25. June 21st, 2003 at via Farini 70, Milano, Italy.
  26. 4. Membership confirmation of new members
  27. Karin Kosina
  28. Georg Jakob
  29. Reinhard Müller
  30. 5. Pending exoneration of Peter Gerwinski, Head of Office (2001-2003)
  31. 6. Miscellaneous
  32. Re 2. Determination of resolutionability
  33. ---------------------------------------
  34. The chair declares the general assembly as resolutionabilty. The
  35. invitation was sent out in time.
  36. The chair informed the general assembly that Frederic Couchet resigned
  37. on May 10, 2004 and Raphaël Rousseau resigned on November 19, 2003 by
  38. signed email.
  39. The agenda is unanimously accepted [6 yes, 0 no, 0 abst].
  40. Re 3. Approval of protocol of 2003 general assembly
  41. -------------------------------------------------
  42. The chair read out the 2003 protocol.
  43. The protocol is approved [5 yes, 0 no, 1 abst (Reinhard Müller)].
  44. Re 4. Membership confirmation of new members
  45. --------------------------------------------
  46. The chair proposed to vote en block. It was unanimously agreed upon.
  47. Vote on membership of:
  48. Karin Kosina
  49. Georg Jakob
  50. Reinhard Müller
  51. Approved [5 yes, 0 no, 1 abst (Reinhard Müller)]
  52. The general assembly warmly welcomes the new members and regrets that
  53. two of them could not personally receive the honor.
  54. re 5. Pending exoneration of Peter Gerwinski, Head of Office (2001-2003)
  55. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  56. The HoO, Werner Koch, informed the general assembly that Peter
  57. Gerwinski provided the requested information and documents after the
  58. invation had been sent out. The Extended Executive Committee accepted
  59. these and therefore the pending exoneration became effective on April
  60. 2nd, 2004.
  61. re 6. Miscellaneous
  62. ------------------
  63. - The HoO, Werner Koch provides an overview of the financial
  64. situation of the FSFE including current bank account status, last
  65. years income and expense.
  66. As all members have online access to the bookkeeping files at all
  67. times, the general assembly feels very well informed.
  68. The HoO informs that at the current state, operations can continue
  69. for the next five months unless more funds are raised and suggests
  70. that all members should make fundraising their priority.
  71. - The executive committee, Georg Greve gives a short overview over
  72. the work of last year and perspectives for the next. Among them:
  73. World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), European
  74. Commission, AGNULA, WIPO, Microsoft Case, new contacts:
  75. Switzerland, Greece, arte documentary, X.Org, GNOME Foundation in
  76. Germany, Legal FUD in Germany,, Bridge Foundation
  77. The future activities will include further WSIS activities,
  78. providing input and knowledge to other social movement civil
  79. societies and spreading awareness for and knowledge about Free
  80. Software and the visions for a globally networked Free Software
  81. community.
  82. Organizationally the FSFE had several major achievements during the
  83. past year, in particular being able to win Stefano Maffulli as a
  84. part time employee of the FSFE.
  85. The chair sees FSFE on a good course and expects it to solidify and
  86. grow further within the next year.
  87. - Now that the FSFE has three Austrian members, it plans to
  88. officially launch the Austrian chapter within the next months a
  89. formal association notwithstanding.
  90. - The general assembly considers that ways of rotating out members
  91. that have become inactive for longer periods of time in favor of
  92. new, active members may have to be found.
  93. 17:29. Closed by the chair.
  94. [ Werner Koch, protocol ] [ Georg Greve, chair, president ]