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  1. $Id: protocol.en.txt 705 2003-05-07 12:36:33Z wk $
  2. 2nd General Assembly of the Free Software Foundation Europe
  3. ===========================================================
  4. 15:57 Opening by the Chairman
  5. By invitation sent out on April 5, 2002 we have come together to the
  6. General Assembly at Paris on Saturday May 25, 2002.
  7. Present are:
  8. Stefano
  9. Werner [protocol editor]
  10. Jonas
  11. Georg [chairman]
  12. Bernhard
  13. Raphael
  14. Frédéric
  15. Peter [protocol]
  16. Not present are:
  17. Loic Dachary (has resigned during the last year; not a member anymore)
  18. Alessandro, represented by Stefano by written statement
  19. Cristopher Gabriel, represented by Stefano by written statement
  20. Agenda
  21. 1. Are we resolutionable?
  22. 2. Acceptance of Protocol
  23. 3. Membership of Stef
  24. 4. Membership of Chris
  25. 5. Report by Executive Commitee
  26. 6. Report by Head of Office
  27. No addendums have been requested; the agenda was accepted.
  28. 1. Are we resolutionable?
  29. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  30. Invitation was in time, enough people are present
  31. --> We are resolutionable
  32. 2. Protocol of the 1st GA in Essen
  33. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  34. Read by the Chairman
  35. 6 yes, 0 no, 4 abst --> accepted
  36. 3. Membership of Stef
  37. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  38. 8 yes, 0 no --> accepted; applause
  39. 4. Membership of Chris
  40. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  41. 8 yes, 0 no --> accepted; applause
  42. 5. Report by Executive Commitee
  43. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  44. Recent activities:
  45. During the last year, a solid basis was created. Associate
  46. organisations orgaisations do exist. Conclusion: FSFE is important
  47. AGNULA: First EU project; may become very useful for Free Software
  48. movement; FSFE will get the copyright assigned
  49. FP6: Many people got aware of us. We need more participants who send
  50. mails (expressions of interest) by themselves that they want to be in
  51. FP6. Nicola Girardini will speak in Bruxelles. (FP6 must be accepted
  52. by the EUC. We want to submit FP6 projects, thus we have sent an
  53. expression of interest now.) This will give significant money for
  54. Free Software (EUC funds by size: The funding will be in a size order
  55. an organisation can usually handle.)
  56. (*$if false *)
  57. Werner: How is this size measured?
  58. Georg: They want a balance.
  59. For AGNULA we do not yet have one (1st year).
  60. (*$endif *)
  61. French Chapter has been officially approved
  62. Italian Chapter is being prepared
  63. We have very good cooperation with IFROSS concerning licensing stuff
  64. We dealt with the Blissenbach case.
  65. We have established good contacts with the German BMWi. They have
  66. sent Bernhard as a representative of FS to Tokio.
  67. We have been working on a framework document for the ratio
  68. FSFE <--> FSF-NA.
  69. We participated in several conferences and workshops
  70. [*Begin notes collected from other attendees]
  71. GPL translation can possibly be funded by German BMWi
  72. GPL V3: We want to be involved!
  73. Framework document: We are playing according to these rules, and so
  74. should the FSF-NA do.
  75. We have sereral people who want to assign copyright to FSFE, but not
  76. to FSF-NA. That's something we "have to offer".
  77. We need better communication, for instance: better web pages.
  78. GNU Business Network.
  79. International Copyright Assignment := Exclusive Exploitation Rights
  80. Europe: There is a natural right of the author to live of his work
  81. USA: There is copyright which can be transferred
  82. BSI: There is a chance that it becomes part of their standard for
  83. software development to transfer copyright to the FSFE
  84. The Blissenbach case went wrong (neutral) because the FSF-NA did not
  85. confirm in time that we are their representatives.
  86. Georg and Bernhard have been invited to the conference of
  87. professional "Linux corporations"
  88. Eben Moglen wants to give us the power to deal with
  89. copyright/license issues in Europe
  90. [End notes collected from other attendees]
  91. [Short discussions took place durcin the report]
  92. 6. Report by Head of Office
  93. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  94. pre-given reimbursement from the EU should not be part of the FSFE's
  95. income.
  96. [There was no real financial report accept for the current account
  97. balances. Discussion about the requirement of a financial report and
  98. how to improve the situation took place.]
  99. As demanded, by Werner and Frédéric and agreed by everyone, a
  100. balance will be submitted to the FSFE team until the end of
  101. September
  102. 17:05 Closed by the Chairman
  103. [protocol edited and commited to CVS on 2003-05-07 using notes taken
  104. by Peter. Editor remarks are enclosed in square brackets.]