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  1. Usage:
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. [options] build_into "destination_dir"
  4. Perform the page build. Write output to destination_dir. The source
  5. directory is determined from the build scripts own location.
  6. [options] build_xmlstream "file.xhtml"
  7. Compile an xml stream from the specified file, additional sources will be
  8. determined and included automatically. The stream is suitable for being
  9. passed into xsltproc.
  10. [options] process_file "file.xhtml" [processor.xsl]
  11. Generate output from an xhtml file as if it would be processed during the
  12. build. Output is written to STDOUT and can be redirected as desired.
  13. If a xslt file is not given, it will be choosen automatically.
  14. [options] tree_maker [input_dir] "destination_dir"
  15. Generate a set of make rules to build the website contained in input_dir.
  16. destination_dir should be the www root of a web server.
  17. If input_dir is omitted, it will be the source directory determined from
  18. the build scripts location.
  19. Note: if destination_dir is set via previous options, and only one paramter
  20. is given, then this parameter will be interpreted as input_dir
  21. [options] wakeup_news [date]
  22. News items that are in the future at the time of their commit are not
  23. considered for the content of dependent files (e.g. news.html, index.html).
  24. This function performs a `touch` on all files which are to be released at
  25. the presented date, thus forcing a subsequent buildrun to rebuild dependent
  26. files even though the input files may not have changed their content.
  27. The date option defaults to the present date, if given it must adhere to
  28. the form YYYY-MM-DD.
  30. -------
  31. --source "source_dir"
  32. Force a specific source directory. If not explicitly given source_dir is
  33. determined from the build scripts own location.
  34. Pathes given in .sources files are interpreted as relative to source_dir
  35. making this option useful when building a webpage outside of the build
  36. scripts "regular" tree.
  37. --destination "destination_dir"
  38. The directory into which the website will be built. This option can be used
  39. in conjunction with the tree_maker and build_into commands. It will override
  40. the destination_dir option given after those commands and is therefore
  41. redundant. The option exists to provide backward compatibility to the 2002
  42. build script.
  43. --statusdir "status_dir"
  44. A directory to which messages are written. If no status_dir is provided
  45. information will be written to stdout. The directory will also be used
  46. to store some temporary files, which would otherwise be set up in the
  47. system wide temp directory.