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  Reinhard Müller 8d33ce2d85 Removed 2012 and earlier donation levels from donation page. 7 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 0b1c86b85c First steps towards the 2013 ThankGNUs list. 7 years ago
  hugo 9e3bbce4f7 removed snail mail address for france team 7 years ago
  gerloff 44b6fbe4ee added LWN article about one of my talks as a link 7 years ago
  guest-ineiev 917b195043 [RU] minor fixes. 7 years ago
  guest-vienna-autocommit c6a7d136fc Automatic Fellowship meeting website event commit script >>> Commiting event in Vienna on 2013-01-18 7 years ago
  samtuke 6695b545ca extended and improved my personal bio 7 years ago
  Repentinus 059ee51c2d Wrote the name of Serbian language in the Cyrillic alphabet. 7 years ago
  hugo 5ba07562dc added detail that event is open to everyone 7 years ago
  hugo 466ea5040f event paris fellowship group 7 years ago
  nicoulas b3d035b5f8 - rollback since the build script takes far too much time 7 years ago
  nicoulas 066f6a4952 - we now use only one step of XSL transformation 7 years ago
  guest-ubsy c6272b8f07 move Cyprus from country-list-other-continents to country-list-europe 7 years ago
  Repentinus a60c044c2c Albanian newsletters. 7 years ago
  eal 8f67f55172 corrected document freedom in software freedom 7 years ago
  eal be1cfbed97 changed picture as it was unsharp 7 years ago
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