275 Commits (f8deb05034580a40b36d51e6cb730c5127740b10)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Max Mehl 64aa6c3634
happy new year 8 months ago
  Max Mehl b1e3bc70c9
use summary_large_card for twitter if custom image is used. plus smaller fixes 8 months ago
  Reinhard Müller b8ac57fa70 Fix path to Javascript source files for external pages 9 months ago
  jzarl 8f31ce09e3
Remove search bar (#653) 9 months ago
  Michael Weimann a28f198fe7
Enhances the mobile header/menu layout (#663) 9 months ago
  Max Mehl 62e0bc4bd8
enable setting a meta tag 'image' to set the preview image (#633) 10 months ago
  Max Mehl 7ada61b784 Add JS licence information (#529) 10 months ago
  Max Mehl d8b58c0c89
remove Google+ since it's announced to be shut down soon 11 months ago
  Max Mehl d1c5cd56f1
prevent submitting 'form' with enter 11 months ago
  Max Mehl 17bfa97ec6
replace GNUsocial by Mastodon 11 months ago
  Sebastiano Pistore bcc3d93e96 deleted slash 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 2341fee76a
update year 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 86b8c67462
change translation status box colour red -> yellow 1 year ago
  Michael Weimann 6da0681c2d Upgrades jquery to version 3 and silences console outputs (#398) 1 year ago
  Reinhard Müller 05fc3e3d87 Update link to become a supporter 1 year ago
  Reinhard Müller 2a90dc0fa9 Update link to login to account management 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 758349f0d1
link to git to show source file of current page 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 3ff109933c
back to normal website design again 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 7660f9a1fb
enable ilovefs stylesheet 1 year ago
  sansusann 7d5a1e83f2 changed the style of the news archive and added author, tags and new sidebar style 1 year ago
  Max Mehl fdcb325c1f
fix parameters of mktemp 1 year ago
  Max Mehl a622cb47a7
replace tempfile by mktemp which is available on other distros than Debian 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 5cf5522f60
Edit full-menu 1 year ago
  Max Mehl ee010adbe9
Change text and style in followup-box 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 370c214332
Change small green button in sidebar from donate to support/become 1 year ago
  Max Mehl ec2d527be5
Change headline in followup box (footer) 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 9bc6e8bef7
remove 'join' from menu 1 year ago
  Max Mehl f847d95962
Add latest fontawesome files and add become-a-supporter to header menu 1 year ago
  paul 85c5bae22e bugfix: prevent include filename from escaping first tag 1 year ago
  paul 972c010e35 Chinese translation support 2 years ago
  paul 4ea3f776c5 bugfix: relative path processing in git_build_into 2 years ago
  paul 87dbe45f83 status page showing git commits 2 years ago
  paul c62f85499a accept git_build_into argments 2 years ago
  paul 538a3237f2 bugfix in ignoring vcs directories 2 years ago
  paul 19ba5a4602 ignore .git folder in build operation 2 years ago
  paul 49fb51d495 added hooks for git_build_into 2 years ago
  paul 3223bb17cf wrote up git_build_into function 2 years ago
  Max Mehl ce13be51ef add colon after download text to make it gramatically compatible to other languages, e.g. German 2 years ago
  Max Mehl d89935ade2 add commas and 'and' between multiple authors; add the 'and' string to the translatable files 2 years ago
  paul d5bfdd3ba9 split social buttons and sidebar and sidebar into distinct templates 2 years ago
  paul fdbb1df6f3 link to per-tag pages in taglist, unified markup for taglists, allow line wrap of social media buttons 2 years ago
  Max Mehl b97a786b0a remove flatter and +1 button as they are now present in the social buttons 2 years ago
  paul 1b262fed03 fixed broken list of previous builds 2 years ago
  paul 138627e6ec rebuild button for status page 2 years ago
  paul 1d69fa0bc4 recommit modified flag file checker for forcing full builds 2 years ago
  jonas 8693463716 Reverting to r35379 for build_main.sh 2 years ago
  paul bc0e52f316 allow flag file to force full rebuild 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 6762e8eee0 add text back to title attribute 2 years ago
  Max Mehl 550dd438da remove sidebar share buttons because they are much less attractive than the bottom ones 2 years ago
  paul a19413d59d Code cleanup for tagging 2 years ago