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  samtuke dadbe68e90 added new green warning class, added project complete meta tag and translations 7 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner d3435e72f6 Italian translation 8 years ago
  nicoulas 817c839fea - have "join" instead of "fellowship" in the left menu 8 years ago
  cri e6152641ab Italian translation 9 years ago
  nicoulas 20473d9ac5 added search, submit and language texts to languages where it wasn't. to be translated 9 years ago
  maelle 17816c2b10 adding footer translation 9 years ago
  nicoulas ff99abff08 merged all updated data from trunk into design, at revision 18962. build works on my machine 9 years ago
  samtuke 815913a16e change menu references for translations in tools/texts file 9 years ago
  maelle 3f09427e83 adding metags 9 years ago
  cri 0668fecc43 Updated Italian translation (now really :) 10 years ago
  cri 616c990e6c Updated Italian translation 10 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 00d6872565 Removed contact from the menu 10 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 3896573782 Same changes as in test. 10 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner c901dd0368 Removed news + events from menu. Also removed it from the texts files together with the submenu leftovers from Contribute / Get active 10 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 3abd994285 By advice of Adriaan and Karsten, add years to copyright and make the copyright 10 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 957f83a6ea Commercial Services page is now ready to go. 10 years ago
  kirschner c560495746 Removed "press" from the menu 10 years ago
  poderi c5a3def1cb Updated italian translation 11 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 18addd308d Different texts, depending on whether translator is given or not. 11 years ago
  cri b2c4256525 Improved 11 years ago
  luc 7263c52280 last menu entries translated 11 years ago
  rolf_camps a35c751ce6 Added texts for left menu 11 years ago
  kirschner 0b1c483a9f Removed two differnt donate categories, too. Will add submenus in the pages. 11 years ago
  kirschner accabfb68c removed FTF from the menu as it was added to priority links 11 years ago
  kirschner d34775eb30 Removed Newsletter from main navigation. 11 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 51f4c00b56 Removed unused tags from texts-*.xml. 11 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 12cddfbba5 Moved /help/help.html to /contribute/contribute.html. 12 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 5fe380869f Show translation credits also for official translations. Changed FSF Europe to 12 years ago
  Reinhard Müller dc1abe8d4c Switch to new project overview page. 12 years ago
  Reinhard Müller df26bdbe79 Removed <p> and </p> from translation notes, since that gets added in the XSLT 12 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 89411d0ae8 <i> -> <em> 12 years ago
  cri 06f8e45721 Added direct link to the Newsletter page 13 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 5fa8cae390 Make sure the text "Freedom Task Force" is not line-wrapped. 13 years ago
  Reinhard Müller a7baf8c245 Added direct link to Freedom Task Force. 13 years ago
  cri 7f5afc6691 Better appearance (maybe) 14 years ago
  cri 8c6cd8ee2f Updating Italian translation 14 years ago
  greve b89d366f15 forced order 14 years ago
  greve 0ddc447d19 these will need translation 14 years ago
  cri e0d882567f Reverted, bad wordwrapping 14 years ago
  cri c03c01c6c3 Updated and improved 14 years ago
  cri 32caae95f1 Aiuto->Partecipare 15 years ago
  cri 174c0a4af6 Donation strings 15 years ago
  jonas 8bce6fb2e6 Added submenus for donate by credit card and donate by other means. 15 years ago
  Reinhard Müller ef8a9f3ad4 Added line on how to report problems with the web pages to the bottom of each 15 years ago
  cri 3529057746 Updated Italian translation 15 years ago
  Reinhard Müller fee0d840c6 Automatically generate "Last updated:" line. 15 years ago
  cri f4ba7110d3 Changed the "Focus" translation 16 years ago
  cri de2edac5bd Added Italian translation 16 years ago