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  Matthias Kirschner d1f297d2cd Added kurzfristig 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner 52415105e9 Fixed typos thanks to translators 7 lat temu
  11811 3bb41d5ab8 Russian translation of countries added 7 lat temu
  guest-ubsy 67a220b7cc First part of the German translation of the newsletter 2012-09 7 lat temu
  alessandro.polvani f5bc5f7ee3 adding italian portal 7 lat temu
  alessandro.polvani 1b51bab8bb uploading Italian translation of supporter messages and portal 7 lat temu
  alessandro.polvani 566373b1db updating support form italian 7 lat temu
  guest-sstavra 94bf632318 nl-Sep typo 7 lat temu
  guest-sstavra b476d45551 nl-Sep plus corrections 7 lat temu
  otto f4c790f9d7 Added lang parameter in links 7 lat temu
  guest-sstavra 629cf7a708 add katowice event 7 lat temu
  guest-sstavra f1dbec3c10 support updated, artwork, events added 7 lat temu
  Repentinus 929fe3563f Added a missing comma. 7 lat temu
  Repentinus 9dd2087962 Modification to the Estonian translation of the supporter pages. 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner 0338ec04ff Fixing URL 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner 0fb9074746 Fixed typos 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner 7c22fa1368 Argh wrong file extension 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner d052d14b56 Adding September NL 7 lat temu
  otto c5e24f51eb Comments added for documentation 7 lat temu
  otto b2a7d89407 Show error message on portal page if no parameter given 7 lat temu
  otto eb0b375dda Fine tunig before translation announcement 7 lat temu
  guest-vienna-autocommit ba9a21aa01 Automatic Fellowship meeting website event commit script >>> Commiting event in Vienna on 2012-09-21 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner e8c915a696 Adding blog entry 7 lat temu
  guest-ubsy de1c88cfc8 German translation of /contribute/advocacy/advocacy.de.xhtm and corrections in advocacy.en.xhtml 7 lat temu
  samtuke dc6ce7f1e1 decapitalised 'A' 7 lat temu
  samtuke 65ec7e3b4e Added link to Free Your Android graphics 7 lat temu
  gollo 997a12d81e 2012-08-31 Martin Gollowitzer <gollo@fsfe.org> 7 lat temu
  anaghz 6d61b5f0f5 add sig 7 lat temu
  anaghz 43d0c4816a updated 7 lat temu
  anaghz 0bad69ee18 event mod 7 lat temu
  anaghz 7a6d0d5b10 event created 7 lat temu
  anaghz 06f134acbb event created 7 lat temu
  anaghz e1a44f7a3c event created 7 lat temu
  anaghz f2c2bdd089 edited 7 lat temu
  anaghz d503f69564 add event 7 lat temu
  anaghz d6892de26b update 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner c6f5a8974d Fixing event URLs + adding Berlin event 7 lat temu
  anaghz 63f6a9163c add new sign 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner aa95d2fde4 Digiges will also provide it. 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner 94ec0e7d04 Added note about EDRI 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner dc8f272b6f Fixed typo 7 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner 9faebc2769 Adding PR for DRM booklet in Germany 7 lat temu
  Torsten.Grote 1efcfd2b89 added link to artwork page and improved it a bit 7 lat temu
  Torsten.Grote 35ab655922 added android artwork 7 lat temu
  gollo 025c154963 2012-08-30 Martin Gollowitzer <gollo@fsfe.org> 7 lat temu
  anaghz a4551683e5 edited 7 lat temu
  otto a110e0610b Fine tuning. 7 lat temu
  otto 62f1d3a9f4 Fine tuning. 7 lat temu
  otto 3c367ee83d Fine tuning. 7 lat temu
  otto 109a63c83a Added Finnish portal page and hid non-working update form 7 lat temu