5 Commitit (d1f297d2cd1c8cf7c599ae844d8c63edb77f396c)

Tekijä SHA1 Viesti Päivämäärä
  samtuke c8e485b4e2 reverted erroneous commit 7 vuotta sitten
  samtuke b640ffc7b3 removed duplicate fship interview entry 7 vuotta sitten
  hugo 5b3d69db95 oops 7 vuotta sitten
  hugo 2f464b9d53 cc license 7 vuotta sitten
  samtuke 82fccce529 added scripts for running buildscript locally 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 1ec14f7112 index pages can't be outdated 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas b696e3ba07 changed FSF Europe to FSFE where appropriate 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas b812b0f184 give a shot at the new outdated status system 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 904f9ab48c give a shot at new outdated status system 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 06897f0a76 added link to the newsletter overview page on newsletters 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas a4bbe4472b added date on news items 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 0ce5d70a51 fixed news guid 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 9894174491 the build script now adds filenames to nodes in the dynamic content (news→news-20110408-01, event→event-20110804-01) so that we have a guid for later use (e.g. for valid RSS feeds) 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 3e517207eb solved country pages bug (not compiling when under /gb) 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 833a8fe2c7 added an array of files that can't be outdated, set to news/news in a first time 8 vuotta sitten
  Reinhard Müller 2b1e52de4d Magic to use absolute URLs for pages used by an external web server. 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 755bd56b93 reverting committed change on build.* I should not have committed, time 2 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 9747d25103 added static-elements.xsl, an xsl file used to centralise parts that are common to several pages 8 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 21b21f154a once again, mistakenly committed my local build.xx files - sorry, reverting 9 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas f6373a3ba1 fixed tags appearing in the footer; added number of times tags are used on our website 9 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas e2897aeed5 removed debug info from build.pl, accidentally committed before 9 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas a1797267dc cleaned up the 'little words' translation system, made it work with backup English copies 9 vuotta sitten
  cri 65857577f4 Fix links to localised ics files 9 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas a4fb515116 merging from trun into design 9 vuotta sitten
  samtuke acc6d3ecbe fixed menu encoding errors, added commented out handles for local builds (see lin 314) 9 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 9708431401 build.pl was for some reason in iso, put it back to utf8 9 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 96a79c77c2 gave the possibility to use translated texts in any xsl file (not only in fsfe.xsl); remove symlinks generation from build.sh 9 vuotta sitten
  nicoulas 6dcb6ecd73 - implemented iCal in xslt (events/events.ics.xsl) 9 vuotta sitten
  ato eb0bf88ee4 Renamed fsfeurope.xsl to fsfe.xsl. 9 vuotta sitten
  ato 7d9eee8924 Should not go on two lines. 10 vuotta sitten
  adridg db31b3a1be Correct address of FSF 10 vuotta sitten
  cri ce6de2a542 Set executable property on scripts 10 vuotta sitten
  Reinhard Müller 6db8749637 Moved fundraising box to the top of each page. 10 vuotta sitten
  Reinhard Müller ed6975960b Commented out rebuilding for different foci. They are not used any more, and 10 vuotta sitten
  Reinhard Müller bb2523645c Added first Croatian translations. Thanks to Luka M. aka paxcoder. 10 vuotta sitten
  Reinhard Müller c17af609fe Added Arabic translation. Thanks to Osama Khalid. 10 vuotta sitten
  cri 97e42212f7 Replaced www.fsfeurope.org with www.fsfe.org 10 vuotta sitten
  rolf_camps e9552f51f8 Making post-processing of URLs anchor proof 10 vuotta sitten
  att 72c95fbda9 Added Slovak language, and removed a few whitespaces. 10 vuotta sitten
  rolf_camps 6352ca31e3 Fix to make sure the left menu is up to date in all translations 10 vuotta sitten
  att 8d34955749 Adding first Norwegian (nynorsk) translation. 11 vuotta sitten
  att 7c9bf237e1 Renaming Norwegian (bokmÃ¥l), previously called "no", to its correct ISO-639-2 name, "nb". 11 vuotta sitten
  rolf_camps 17b16dcad0 Added code to parse local menus 11 vuotta sitten
  hrabanek 9f39e3e1e2 'Cesky' spelling corrected 11 vuotta sitten
  rolf_camps e2b42a99ae Changed post-processing of links 11 vuotta sitten
  Reinhard Müller 2dcd445e43 Added first Estonian translation of index page. 11 vuotta sitten
  att 3e12bc0eec Corrected language name. 11 vuotta sitten
  jonas 55b3b0cedd Corrected a bug with the translations. 11 vuotta sitten
  jonas 9b76e2813b Made the build script to be forking, to take advantage of multi-CPU 11 vuotta sitten
  Reinhard Müller dc247f444c Do not create a temporary copy of the source file before parsing. This change 11 vuotta sitten