10 Commits (d1f297d2cd1c8cf7c599ae844d8c63edb77f396c)

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  otto e993aaf99a Added procurement model letter 7 years ago
  mirv a9c5fba6f2 update fi country pages a bit now that Henri is not part officially anymore 7 years ago
  mirv e524b7d924 Hopefully last remaining tweak for now to the English version of fi-team page. 8 years ago
  mirv 8a45597204 Fix typo in fi/fi.en.xhtml 8 years ago
  mirv a6e2b692ce Remove unneeded fi team subdirectories and tag an example event we had two weeks ago "fi" only. 8 years ago
  mirv dbae4c307c Trying out the "fi" tag for event/news. 8 years ago
  mirv fd8418d1eb Try tweaking fi.sources 8 years ago
  mirv d79445d01a Well, have the English page in English and fix e-mail address. 8 years ago
  mirv 69f0f5777a Switch to utf-8 encoding like should be, and experiment if identical fi.fi.xhtml leads to wanted result. 8 years ago
  mirv bb4e5b9267 A stab at a Finland country site 8 years ago