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  otto 517306d126 Add robot trap in all translations 7 years ago
  leobaillard 3a0cd54cad Update the support portal to reflect the live version. 7 years ago
  otto 90f475779c Bugfix 7 years ago
  otto 06b1ed1916 Fix bug in firefox 7 years ago
  otto a110e0610b Fine tuning. 7 years ago
  otto b17fc9e8f3 Bugfix? 7 years ago
  otto 925b33045b Updated translated pages to xsl tag 7 years ago
  otto 8ee71a2a15 Refactored javascript code from support pages into xsl template 7 years ago
  otto 263271f9d7 Refactored country list to xsl template 7 years ago
  otto 81fcc5349a Bugfixing 7 years ago
  otto 04d64cf0a7 Bugfixing 7 years ago
  otto ce92bcb433 Added link to our work from support form 7 years ago
  otto b492db02ad Added lang field to translations 7 years ago
  otto 3d6c104369 Updated translations 7 years ago
  otto a311be2472 Revert time scale 7 years ago
  otto d7029cb6da Add ref tracking 7 years ago
  otto b5955e8576 Bugfix 7 years ago
  otto 9853b9c8a5 Added required field marks. 7 years ago
  otto 10049fae11 Updated support validation. 7 years ago
  otto a5ad7d75d1 Fixed typos on Finnish translations of supporter things. 7 years ago
  otto b66a21b654 Added line about not publishing supporters, just the count. 7 years ago
  otto b8c47f2e3e Fixed typos 7 years ago
  otto 762bc8afe7 Checked Finnish translation is up-to-date. 7 years ago
  otto 2266cb986a Fine tuned support form wording in English and Finnish. 7 years ago
  otto 00ddd288bd Fine tuned texts in supporter form to be more clear about our intentions and less suspect. 7 years ago
  otto aba45a8a6c Added clas to control support page styling. 7 years ago
  otto 912251be4e Added css id and styling to support pages, inhibits orphan row in certain translations. 7 years ago
  mirv 584c6223ee Yet another typo fix in translation. 7 years ago
  mirv 34f3d65e1c Updated support form's Finnish translation. 7 years ago
  otto d4644da457 Translated missing string 7 years ago
  otto 4097ab9c7e Shortened field text to stop line break. 7 years ago
  otto 7240f69e82 Added Finnish translation of support form. 7 years ago
  otto c523d48103 New folder for support page. 7 years ago
  otto 3c9e981e78 Removed wrongful PR drafts and fixed JS path. 7 years ago
  cri 7b4f531ac9 Move supporter form to production instance 7 years ago