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  flx 864e479a82 updated my info -Felix 5 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner a7a9e46a2f removing Sam 5 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner e61b716ed6 added info Felix, Bela, and removed Matti 5 lat temu
  cri 781739d1d9 Adding Bela and Felix to team 5 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner 4aa1e003b3 changing roles of Guido and Thomas 5 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner d03b4f7693 removing Max from interns 5 lat temu
  Matthias Kirschner f201c6515d Paul new role, Nicola new role, updating Max 5 lat temu
  Torsten.Grote 1d4434ebcb change my email and blog 5 lat temu
  hugo 61ec1e898e leo not responding people might contact him 5 lat temu
  eal e132993dc5 changed roussos to harmuth as fellowship representative 5 lat temu
  Max Mehl 9f3eb37776 max to german team 5 lat temu
  gollo 140a2226f4 2014-03-05 Martin Gollowitzer <gollo@fsfe.org> 5 lat temu
  Albert Dengg 6e852254b7 add link 5 lat temu
  Albert Dengg 692f5d7ac3 add kelvan to at country page 5 lat temu
  Albert Dengg 1cb04d133e update personal info 5 lat temu
  hugo 2abc629c4c french team members 5 lat temu
  mho 8b87a0f89d Corrected a mistake 5 lat temu
  mho 12e7ec582d Added myself ;) thanks Max for explanation! 5 lat temu
  hugo 21862df35f reinhard is in council 5 lat temu
  herrka a297f8e0f7 - adding herrka (kneissl) avatar to svn 5 lat temu
  hugo e421f065d5 fixed people lists to avoid weird floats 5 lat temu
  Max Mehl f0015a45cd adding SI coordinator to Matija 5 lat temu
  hugo ebf92f84f5 managing male and female employee status 5 lat temu
  Max Mehl f2f84a6443 giving rainer merch function 5 lat temu
  Max Mehl 1f79d1574b adding functional translated pages without descr of groups 5 lat temu
  Max Mehl 4c004a4cbd fixing legal team project description 5 lat temu
  Max Mehl 11c9fab3e3 fixing legal team project 5 lat temu
  Max Mehl 9172e3eaa8 fixing projects in teampage 5 lat temu
  Max Mehl 3e68365284 new teampage structure 5 lat temu
  eal 33b4492648 correction of description of maurice verheesen 6 lat temu
  eal 55fadd3b68 correcting picture of maurice 6 lat temu
  eal cb3518f8e6 adding maurice to team 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl c3ed2d2fb5 teampage 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl 181aaedef2 teampage 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl 3a952e2b8d teampage 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl e5c23a403b teampage 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl c08763dc1a copying current team page to test 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl b0c11344c8 copying current team page to test 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl 8fc7b72b37 copying current team page to test 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl 3bfad4e86b test team 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl 62629097f8 test team 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl d6ff5238e6 updating berlin office address 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl 68e89766cf updating about mehl 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl a39a559943 Updated personal information about max mehl 6 lat temu
  Max Mehl c9217e43d2 svn path=/trunk/; revision=26279 6 lat temu
  otto 673746b9dd Removed Jens Wiik from Finnish team 6 lat temu
  gollo e2018e09d7 2013-09-01 Martin Gollowitzer <gollo@fsfe.org> 6 lat temu
  hugo ea2e8d4366 I'm no longer fellowship rep 6 lat temu
  gollo ea4bd889b0 2013-06-30 Martin Gollowitzer <gollo@fsfe.org> 6 lat temu
  cri 87198c5a6e Removing Ato 6 lat temu