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  André Ockers 7aa832141c NL translation of update 7 months ago
  Hugo Roy 2e0013ea64 some updates of personal info 7 months ago
  André Ockers 4ebfb25e01 Dutch translation of "Hugo Roy" 3 years ago
  hugo 1777c44140 update link to internship 4 years ago
  hugo 4a9335ff22 officially qualified now 4 years ago
  hugo 9ea9888778 traduction 4 years ago
  hugo 814d82f527 no longer deputy coordinator 4 years ago
  hugo b30bdb5f51 added meta description 4 years ago
  hugo 1bd98a2aea update link homepage and minor stylish things 4 years ago
  nico.rikken fc718a3793 Translation by André. 4 years ago
  hugo 5fb5527837 remove unnecessary links 5 years ago
  hugo 7deebaa789 missing endquote 5 years ago
  hugo 7ed86ebdab css 5 years ago
  hugo 7190ded835 updated my bio 5 years ago
  hugo 52a1e2e629 french translations 5 years ago
  hugo a0e5034b36 french translations 5 years ago
  hugo 4368012c78 rename ftf 5 years ago
  hugo c88aaa23a0 bio style 5 years ago
  hugo 0f0c5ab505 dfd robots 5 years ago
  hugo 2759393566 style for bio page 5 years ago
  Max Mehl c08763dc1a copying current team page to test 6 years ago
  Max Mehl b0c11344c8 copying current team page to test 6 years ago
  Max Mehl 8fc7b72b37 copying current team page to test 6 years ago
  hugo 549a8ab1e2 some unncesseary info removed on personal apge 6 years ago
  hugo 9089f8887e small update and French translation 6 years ago
  hugo c4f622fddc presentation for rmll hugo 6 years ago
  guest-ineiev 7e4679ca3b RU propset svn:keywords 7 years ago
  guest-sstavra bb9994f750 update outdated and add two events 7 years ago
  hugo 2f2aef21ca image hight corrected 7 years ago
  hugo 647638c2a2 update avatar 7 years ago
  samtuke 011756571e changing more old links 7 years ago
  hugo 2f464b9d53 cc license 7 years ago
  guest-sstavra 2fc888c6ef updates 7 years ago
  hugo f8d7db7e88 link to france team 7 years ago
  hugo da93cd25d8 translation 7 years ago
  hugo b9f48a56e0 added contact anchor 7 years ago
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  nicoulas ff99abff08 merged all updated data from trunk into design, at revision 18962. build works on my machine 9 years ago
  samtuke ca6af1731f added new avatars and corresponding references 9 years ago
  hugo 27b7ab498e new picture and updated twitteridenti.ca link 9 years ago
  hugo ba4a1be640 updated with new picture 9 years ago
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  hugo 8c88489690 font size for anti spam corrected 9 years ago
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