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  guest-Besnik_b 3a67db7dae Substituting <<zbatim>> with <<aplikacion>>. It seems ubiquitous now... pirms 4 gadiem
  guest-Besnik_b 7a78860733 Clearing translations of 'website' and similar from 'web' word, as 'sajt' in Albanian does not have any other meaning than as a 'web' one pirms 5 gadiem
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  guest-sstavra dd00b5fe3f fundatia ceata associate el xml spelling pirms 6 gadiem
  guest-sstavra c7f53207b3 fundatia ceata associate el xml pirms 6 gadiem
  guest-tct d5d44484b4 Description of Fundația Ceata translated into Greek by Pierros Papadeas. pirms 6 gadiem
  guest-tct c037e17a98 Fix igazodva for aligned by Akos Nagy from Fundația Ceata. pirms 6 gadiem
  guest-Besnik_b d258188519 some cosmetic changes thanks to Bardhi for proofreading pirms 6 gadiem
  guest-tct f725bb9c9b Fundația Ceata's description in Spanish by Toni Hermoso Pulido (toniher) from Softcatalà. pirms 6 gadiem
  guest-tct cc811d96db Description of Fundația Ceata in French by Alexandru Vochescu from Ceata. pirms 6 gadiem
  guest-tct 5989d6b837 Description of Fundația Ceata in Hungarian: for the band. pirms 6 gadiem
  guest-tct aa0802b812 Description of Fundația Ceata translated into Hungarian by Akos Nagy and Grigore Csongor from Ceata. pirms 6 gadiem