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  paul 16e7ff8d93 merge in support for nightly triggers and local menus 4 years ago
  adridg 415dd4822c Add totally bogus tool to generate HTML files one by one when experimenting with individual files 9 years ago
  adridg b48494239d Split off creation of the HELPERFILE to a separate target 9 years ago
  rolf_camps 7af9b11c71 Small change in Local Menu part 11 years ago
  Reinhard Müller c89fabf391 Fixed makefile. 11 years ago
  rolf_camps 99215f7040 Changed/added files to automatically build local menus 11 years ago
  Reinhard Müller c2800e0d67 Cosmetical changes. 11 years ago
  Reinhard Müller ee3f2cb2ef Added some magic to create list of leaflets automatically. 11 years ago
  jonas f8ad8de678 Fixed broken links. 17 years ago
  jonas c2402f639a Bugfixes, and added logo in the expected place. 17 years ago
  hhanke 80d55131c0 Problem with ISO-8859-2 in fsfe.xsl fixed by splitting 17 years ago
  hhanke 7c0d7b10d0 I've linked the Czech translation and corrected some minor bugs 17 years ago
  jneves ae081c6ea9 Corrected extra quote on the LANGFILES expression. 17 years ago
  jneves c703922e68 Corrected bug on the detection of translations system that wouldn't recognize a new translation. Added *.lang to all .cvsignore files. 17 years ago
  jneves 20228a72a8 Added automatic detection of translation to the english pages. 18 years ago
  jneves 7f1e6fd0df Added automatic detection of translation to the french pages. 18 years ago
  jneves 51c27b2b9c Added automatic detection of translation to the spanish pages. 18 years ago
  jneves eb2498328a Corrected small error in Makefile. 18 years ago
  jneves e57552ea0a Added automatic detection of translation to the german pages. 18 years ago
  jneves 85338a36a3 Added automatic detection of translation to the italian pages. 18 years ago
  jneves 0de9d57f63 Corrected error that prevented deletion of PT's temporary files 18 years ago
  jneves 5df941d525 Added automatic detection of translations and set it up on the portuguese pages as a burn-in test 18 years ago
  cgabriel b0adafa3ae s/per/da/ which is nicer in italian 18 years ago
  villate 1f211bcabb Gets rid of some extra # in the dependecies of ITPAGES and ESPAGES 18 years ago
  villate e8ee56c341 Corrects a typo in the French pages. 18 years ago
  villate fd21ff26d0 Removed some extra commas from the update info line. 18 years ago
  villate 0e7503ad11 The person updating the pages is no longer called "Author". 18 years ago
  villate f044a7868e French news channel no longer should be built from here. 18 years ago
  loic 71991dfd32 Get rid of beta at sync time 18 years ago
  cyb 7670b052b5 $(SSH) variable instead of hardcoded ssh 18 years ago
  loic 7168143f39 Format spanish pages too 18 years ago
  olberger 64de175a3e Added dependencies for regenerating news page in pt version 18 years ago
  loic 9a7bab66f5 Add italian 18 years ago
  olberger 9e0c43f27d Tests for beta version : 18 years ago
  olberger 06e7dc828f Added some small bits to make the news regenerate automatically 18 years ago
  bwildenhain 9ffa95c67a Replaced 8 spaces by an tab in line 93 by an tab as the Makefile did 18 years ago
  mad 5e453f90ea Add sync section to immediate update 18 years ago
  loic 4ef13f14fd ECHO in variable 18 years ago
  mad 075aac177f New dependance for news 18 years ago
  mad 6f7f0e6c50 Fix pb with news 18 years ago
  mad 306df5ba1d Add dependances for news 18 years ago
  jneves 51fccc1576 Removed self-links in the navigation sections. 18 years ago
  loic 918df15e63 Swpat calendar additions + short summary of the situation 18 years ago
  loic e46efa2dab Include .en.xhtml 18 years ago
  jneves 6004796ad3 First version of the portuguese translation of the site. 18 years ago
  loic 770ab62569 Add .en.xhtml 18 years ago
  lpenet c158ff37a0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 years ago
  lpenet c12e0d987e ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 years ago
  loic e54b008050 Fix navigation typo + change catch phrase on fr 18 years ago
  villate 1bb955f6cc Leave a double quote before "Date" to avoid cvs keyword expansion. 18 years ago