7 Commits (0522a3444ae34be2e04561b207369e87e371cd89)

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  paul e812e9e41a replace language variable 3 years ago
  paul 97617e849c turned `tail` to `head` (literally, the unix commands! ;-) 3 years ago
  paul 4150a115a9 unescape octet 0xA4 (which htdig thinks is the euro sign, and which xmllint does not handle) 3 years ago
  paul 41a06165f7 fix missing http header 3 years ago
  paul 388ddcd52d compensate for htdigs encoding mangling in output 3 years ago
  paul 4e989550d2 force config file for local search 3 years ago
  paul dbfdb256be htdig search 3 years ago