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  Max Mehl 50f1ce298e
fix declared encoding of all files which already are UTF-8 3 months ago
  Reinhard Müller d61933d381 Remove "implicit trailing *" feature for .sources 6 months ago
  Reinhard Müller 40f9044019 Add feature to wake up news *and* events 6 months ago
  Reinhard Müller 27d872e551 Change the directory for generated news xml files 6 months ago
  Reinhard Müller bfdca1e475 Some fixes in source lists and tags 6 months ago
  Bjoern Schiessle 880c71e708
replace outdated identi.ca links with links to mastodon 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 20a8f095bb add groups XML file to various sources files for inclusion 2 years ago
  paul 383459a2ba force daily update of pages showing events 3 years ago
  paul 62c97b085c updated sources format to work with tagging 4 years ago
  paul e3d0971de0 introduced tagging in the include system 4 years ago
  paul 78ea515b2e externalise gettext functions, remove unnessesary import rules 4 years ago
  hugo cb78a3696e adding employee file sources to team conntry pages 5 years ago
  nicoulas 269cebedbc - referring team page and others to the correct information for projects info : /activities and /campaigns 6 years ago
  nicoulas fc5838b0f2 - we now use only one step of XSL transformation 6 years ago
  nicoulas b3d035b5f8 - rollback since the build script takes far too much time 6 years ago
  nicoulas 066f6a4952 - we now use only one step of XSL transformation 6 years ago
  samtuke 7f25d694e2 added contact info 7 years ago
  samtuke 683afc5482 added freedom box presentation 8 years ago
  samtuke 2342f89a68 minor improvement to meta description wording 8 years ago
  samtuke 16051f8921 added meta tags for keywords and description, changed page tititle 8 years ago
  nicoulas 0c758e19a6 repaired all links to rss feeds (news+events) 8 years ago
  samtuke caf961fe00 implemented changes from kg 8 years ago
  samtuke fb97f54b37 fixed march date and link 8 years ago
  samtuke a559a9fbb0 fixed article date 8 years ago
  samtuke 4427546dec updated / improved text 8 years ago
  samtuke d5ecc256d9 added mapping uk changes doc 8 years ago
  samtuke 949fdd8c25 changed identica feed account to fsfeuk 8 years ago
  nicoulas bc62650e6a added projects to sources for the uk/it team, which caused https://trac.fsfe.org/fsfe-web/ticket/188 8 years ago
  samtuke d125abd1cb changed reference to identica badge to use locally hosted version 8 years ago
  nicoulas 88824b1963 re-added uk because it was playing the fool 8 years ago
  nicoulas b51af9c169 svn path=/trunk/; revision=19879 8 years ago
  nicoulas 81a6450112 renamed gb to uk 8 years ago