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<title>FSFE - Free Software Foundation Europe</title>
<script src="/scripts/jquery.cycle2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<meta name="description" content="Icke vinstdrivande organisation som jobbar för att skapa allmän förståelse och stöd för mjukvarufrihet. Inkluderar nyheter, evenemang, och kampanjer." />
<meta name="keywords" content="fsfe free software fri mjukvara open source foss floss oss fsf government regering public sector offentlig sektor gpl" />
<body class="frontpage" id="index-html">

<campaigns />
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<div id="feeds">
<div id="news" class="section">
<a class="rss-feed" href="/news/news.rss"><img src="/graphics/rss.png" alt="News RSS" title="news RSS feed" /></a>
<a class="ical" href=""><img src="/graphics/identica.png" alt="identica" title="follow FSFE on"/></a>
<a href="/news/news.html"><news-label /></a>
<a href="/news/news.html"><news-label/></a>
<a class="rss-feed" href="/news/news.rss" title="nyhets-RSS-flöde"><i class="fa fa-rss"/></a>
<a class="ical" href="" title="följ FSFE på"><i class="fa fa-comments-o"/></a>

<all-news />
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<div id="newsletter" class="section">
<h2><a href="/news/newsletter.html"><newsletter-label /></a></h2>

<div class="entry">
<strong><receive-newsletter />:</strong>

<subscribe-nl />

<all-newsletters />
<li><a href="news/newsletter.html"><more-label /></a></li>
<ul id="more-news-list">
<li><a href="/news/news.html" class="learn-more">Se alla nyheter</a></li>
<li><a href="" class="learn-more">Läs FSFE-bloggar</a></li>

<a class="big-donate" href="donate/donate.html#ref-frontpage">Donera till FSFE</a>



<div id="events" class="section">
<a class="rss-feed" href="/events/events.rss"><img src="/graphics/rss.png" alt="Events RSS" title="events RSS feed" /></a>
<a class="ical" href="webcal://"><img src="/graphics/ical.png" alt="iCal" title="FSFE events as iCal feed" /></a>
<a href="/events/events.html"><events-label /></a>
<a href="/events/events.html"><events-label/></a>
<a class="rss-feed" href="/events/events.rss" title="RSS-flöde för evenemang"><i class="fa fa-rss"/></a>
<a class="ical" href="webcal://" title="iCal-flöde för FSFE-evenemang"><i class="fa fa-calendar-o"/></a>

<all-events />
@@ -51,6 +54,9 @@

<!--Do not translate this ↓-->
<timestamp>$Date$ $Author$</timestamp>