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<title>Timeline - Working for Free Software since 2001 - FSFE</title>
<h1>FSFE - Working for Free Software since 2001</h1>
<p>Since 2001, FSFE has been <a href="/work.html">promoting and defending</a> all aspects of software freedom in Europe.</p>
<p>Our work can be devided in four oftenly intertwined categories, represented on the timeline below. "Internal" presents the work accomplished to have a solid structure, carrying efficently the rest of FSFE's actions. "Policy" brings together successes brought by a continous involvement in local, national and European law making process. "Legal" presents the achievements of the legal team, and "Public" lists the largest steps of our general advocacy work and campaigns.</p>
<p>For further information about an item, please hover about or click it.</p>

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<p class="warning red">You have JavaScript deactivated in your browser.
Therefore you can only see the static version of our timeline.
Please activate JavaScript to be able to experience the whole timeline.</p>
<img src="timeline.png" style="width:100%;" alt="Timeline of FSFE's successes" />
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<img src="timeline.png" style="width:100%;" alt="Timeline of FSFE's successes" />

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