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<title>Our work - FSFE</title>
<title>Our Work - FSFE</title>

<h1>Our work</h1>
<h1>Our Work</h1>

<div id="introduction">

Free Software Foundation Europe is an independent organisation
which promotes Free Software in all areas of society. We are
convinced that the freedom to use, share, study and improve
software is crucial so that everyone can participate in the
information society on an equal basis.

<p id="introduction">
Free Software Foundation Europe works to create general
understanding and support for software freedom in politics,
business, law and society-at-large. We are involved in many
projects, focusing <a href="#campaigns">our campaigns</a> on
matters of information society.

As a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, we work to
create general understanding and support for Free Software and
Open Standards in politics, business, law and society at large.
Please read on to learn more about our work and our ongoing <a


<ul id="priorities" class="overview">
<h3><a href="/projects/ftf/ftf.html">Freedom Task Force</a></h3>
The Freedom Task Force is helping individuals, projects and
businesses with Free Software licensing. It provides
assistance and training. We cooperate with and provide <a
including for the GNU GPL</a>.

The Freedom Task Force collects and shares knowledge about
legal and licensing aspects of Free Software, safeguards the
interests of Free Software projects, connects experts
throughout the world and helps other groups achieve similar
goals. We provide
assistance, <a href="/projects/ftf/education.en.html">training</a>
and <a href="/projects/ftf/documentation.html">documentation</a>,
in partnership with and members of the
European Legal Network.
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<h3><a href="/projects/os/os.html">Open Standards</a></h3>
Open Standards are key to interoperability, enabling users to
escape vendor lock-in. FSFE's goal is making sure that people
do not have to lose data when migrating to Free Software.
<a href="/projects/os/def.en.html">Open Standards</a> allow
people to share all kinds of data freely and with perfect
fidelity. They prevent lock-in and other artificial barriers
to interoperability, and promote choice between vendors and
solutions. FSFE's <a href="/projects/os/os.en.html">work on
Open Standards</a> has the goal of making sure that people
find it easy to migrate to Free Software or between Free
Software solutions.
<h3><a href="/projects/un/un.html">United Nations</a></h3>
FSFE is active since 2002 on the UN level, having contributed
to <a href="/projects/mankind/mankind.html">making Free
Software a world heritage at UNESCO</a>. We are currenlty
involved in the following instances:
FSFE has been active at the United Nations level since
2002. We have contributed to having <a
href="/projects/mankind/mankind.html">Free Software
recognised as a world heritage at UNESCO</a>. We are
currently active in the following areas:
<li><a href="/projects/wipo/wipo.html">World Intellectual Property Organization</a></li>
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<h3><a href="/projects/eu/eu.html">European Union</a></h3>
FSFE is a third interested party in <a
href="/projects/eu/eu.html">the European Commission's
investigation on Microsoft's monopoly in the domain of Web
browsers and the sharing of interoperability
information</a>. We were involved in assisting the <a
href="/projects/ms-vs-eu/ms-vs-eu.html">European Commission
against Microsoft</a> on the agreement on interoperability.
FSFE works with the <a href="/projects/eu/eu.html">European
Commission and European Parliament</a> to create a positive
environment for Free Software and Open Standards in
Europe. We fight against monopolies and for competition in
the software market by participating as an interested third
in <a href="/projects/ms-vs-eu/ms-vs-eu.html">antitrust</a>
cases. We inform policy makers about the opportunities that
Free Software offers, and push for interoperability.
<h3><a href="/about/speakerlist.html">Public Awareness</a></h3>
Working with us are experts who can represent FSFE and serve
the Free Software movement at a conference, event or panel
Informing the public about Free Software is part of FSFE's
core mission. Many people in the organisation are experts on
various Free Software topics, and can be contacted about
giving authoritative talks, holding workshops, or
participating in discussions.
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<h3><a href="/projects/swpat/swpat.html">Software patents in Europe</a></h3>
Software patents for Europe are currently being pushed forward
actively by a lobby gathering around the European patent
office and the Business Software Alliance (BSA), which
represents the interests of the large U.S. companies. Software
patents are a menace to society and economy.
Software patents are a menace to society and economy. They
restrict innovation, damage businesses and put collaborative
creativity in great danger. FSFE fights to keep Europe free
of software patents, and works at the UN level to abolish
software patents around the world.

<p style="clear: both;">
Our <a href="/documents/documents.html">documents</a> contain much
Our <a href="/documents/documents.html">documents</a> contain more
information about FSFE's contribution to these different
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<ul id="campaigns" class="overview">
<h3><a href=""></a></h3>
Launched by the Fellowship of FSFE, is a site
providing information about PDF with links to Free Software
PDF readers for all major operating systems.
Launched by
the <a href="">Fellowship</a> of
FSFE, is a site providing information about
Free Software PDF readers for all major operating systems.

@@ -136,7 +164,7 @@ is a collaborative platform initiated and maintained by
FSFE to inform on the dangers of Digital Restrictions Management
and make visible the concerns from various different groups. contributors include digital liberty, consumer
<a href=""></a> contributors include digital liberty groups, consumer
protection, net-activism and library organisations.
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We endorse and support the Geneva Declaration, and invite its
drafters, signatories, and the United Nations to start thinking
now not only about what the role of WIPO should be, but rather
what kind of organisation we need in its place.
what kind of organisation it should become in the future in
order to manage our intellectual wealth.