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<p class="answer"> Even though every activity had its own appeal, the tasks I liked the most were the “out-of-the-office” activities, building ties with the community. Some highlights: the gobo projector light show, spending a night at the Berlin streets, projecting thought provoking statements on walls; sending to the German parliament flowers and letters for the IloveFS day; preparing and organising booths; participating in the biggest Free Software and technology-related conferences in Europe, eg the QtCon and the first FSFE Summit ever, the FOSDEM in Brussels, the 33c3 in Hamburg and the LinuxCon in Berlin, but also other smaller events, talks and lectures, such as occasionally the Berlin FSFE group meetings. I even helped with the organisation of such events myself, for instance I led the organisation of the first ever visit of the FSFE's staff to Athens.


<h2 class="question">What is your favourite FSFE campaign at the moment?</h2>

<p class="answer"><a href="" target="_blanc">"Public Money? Public Code!"</a> </p>

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<p class="question"> By supporting FSFE you engage as a volunteer. What are you doing for FSFE?</p>
<p class="question"> By supporting FSFE you engage as a volunteer. What are you doing for FSFE?</p>

<p class="answer">I am currently the coordinator of the local group in Berlin and I am a part of our education team. This means, that my tasks mainly involve organising our Fellowship meetings and helping out at booths, but also very importantly helping to promote our campaigns on the local level by talking to and meeting with people from other organisations, politicians and so on. </p>

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<a href="" target="_blanc">“Public Money? Public Code!“</a>, because in the midterm it has the most achievable goals. Our most important campaign is probably
<a href="" target="_blanc">“Free Your Android!”</a>, because almost everyone owns a smart device today and these still come with some nasty pre-installed non-free software. So, by installing F-Droid (and replacing Android with a Free version), we can easily show people how software freedom can look like and hopefully more people realise the advantages it gives them. </p>

<a href="">
<a href="">
alt="I Love Free Software"/>
src="/contribute/promopics/pmpc_poster_front_thumb.png" alt="Public Money? Public Code!"/>

<h2 class="question" style="clear: both;">In one sentence: What is the biggest benefit of Free Software?</h2>
<p class="question"> As the local coordinator, do you think Berlin is an attractive spot for Free Software enthusiasts? </p>

<p class="answer">Definitely! In Berlin are so many different communities that are using and promoting Free Software. There is even a page,
<a href="" target="_blanc"></a>
, that tries to give an overview of all the local user groups, that are meeting and hacking together in and around Berlin. </p>

<p class="answer">Free Software it is a key factor to provide privacy which is needed to live in a free world. </p>
<p class="question"> You mentioned being a part of education team, what activities do you undertake in this role? </p>

<p class="question">And what is the biggest benefit of Free Software regarding security?</p>
<p class="answer">As the FSFE group in Berlin one of our main goals is bringing Free Software and its concepts into schools. That's why we are talking to teachers, so that they can pass their knowledge on to the children and why we are trying to convince our decision makers about the inalienability of Free Software for equal educational chances. What the FSFE could do, is strengthen our education team. We need help with designing flyers, maybe launching a campaign. Also it would be very nice to have someone in the office, who is hired for working on education-related topics, so we could an expert to contact, when we need help. </p>

<h2 class="question" style="clear: both;">In one sentence: What is the biggest benefit of Free Software?</h2>

<p class="answer">Free Software is auditable thus you can check if it uses outdated non-secure algorithms or state of
the arts ones. Even better, if it is an important software for you, you can help (as an expert or by giving money to a
crowdfunding) to replace the bad code.</p>
<p class="answer">Nowadays technology plays a key role in our lives and as Free Software means having control over technology it means having self-determination in our own lives. </p>

<p class="question">What is your favourite Free Software?</p>

<p class="answer">This one is very tough. I could not survive without "Nextcloud" and "Keepass", thus one of them?
<p class="answer">As there is so many great Free Software out there, it is quite difficult for me to answer, but I think on smart devices you should definitely try out apps like "Conversations" (and "ChatSecure" for iOS), "NewPipe" and "Transportr". In general, I really like Nextcloud, because it has some really nice killer features.</p>

<p class="question">Is there anything you believe the FSFE should improve or begin working on next? Any wishes for the

<p class="answer">I hope that more and more people will understand the importance of being ethical in their digital life
and thus consciously use Free Software and that we will have more and more volunteers from all over Europe.</p>
<p class="answer">I think, the FSFE should put more effort into bringing Free Software and its concepts and values into schools, universities and the like. If we can get children to use Free Software and teach them reasons why they should do so, they will not only start to value the freedom it gives them, but will also become politicians, programmers, designers, decision makers and so on, who can help us in transforming to a Free Software society. So, in the end it would really help us in taking a day or two off. ;-) </p>