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<author>Prof DP Sharma (International Consultant/Adviser (IT), ILO (UN))</author>
As a supporter of FSFE, I am a strong follower of the philosophies,
principles and the mission of the foundation. I joined as supporter
with an aim to explain and explore the possible promotion of free
coding philosophy in the world of IT with freedom. Freedom in terms of
everything is one of the principal values of our democratic community.
Associating, supporting and disseminating Free Software is a unique
mission for equal opportunity, full participation and protection of the
rights of the digital citizens / "Netizens". I am always excited to
have the dialogue on scholarly scientific issues with people who have
open and free minds. Finally I got a community of supporters whose
mission is to create a worldwide community of free coders. I believe a
voice that illuminates why Free Software are anticipated well for the
open community of "ITzens". I think that this will nurture the Free
Software Ecosystems to grow in multi-dimensions. I admire the FSFE's
campaigns - "Public Money, Public Code" and "Save Code Share".