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<title>Наш рад - FSFE</title>

<h1>Наш рад - FSFE</h1>
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Као непрофитна невладина организација Free Software
Foundation Europe ради на стварању општег разумевања и
подршке слободном софтверу и отвореним стандардима у политици,
пословању, законима и у целокупном друштву.
Молимо наставите с читањем како бисте више сазнали о нашем
раду и кампанјама које су у току. <a

<ul id="priorities" class="overview">
<h3><a href="/activities/ftf/ftf.html">Правни тим</a></h3>
У нашем правном тиму прикупљамо и делимо знање о
правним и лиценцним аспектима слободног софтвера,
штитимо интересе пројеката слободног софтвера,
повезујемо експерте широм света и помажемо другим
групама у постизању сличних циљева. Пружамо подршку,
<a href="/activities/ftf/education.html">обуку</a>
и <a href="/activities/ftf/documentation.html">оdoкументацију</a>,
у сарадњи са и члановима Европске
правне мреже.
<li><a href="/activities/ftf/network.html">Европска правна мрежа</a></li>
<h3><a href="/about/team.html">Public Awareness</a></h3>
Информисање јавности о слободном софтверу је део FSFE-ове
основне мисије. Многи људи у организацији су стручњаци за
различита подручја слободног софтвера и можете да их цонтактирате за
стручна предавања, одржавање радионица или
учествовање у дискусијама.
<h3><a href="/activities/os/os.html">Open Standards</a></h3>
<a href="/activities/os/def.html">Open Standards</a> allow
people to share all kinds of data freely and with perfect
fidelity. They prevent lock-in and other artificial barriers
to interoperability, and promote choice between vendors and
solutions. FSFE's <a href="/activities/os/os.en.html">work on
Open Standards</a> has the goal of making sure that people
find it easy to migrate to Free Software or between Free
Software solutions.
<h3><a href="/campaigns/swpat/swpat.html">Software patents in Europe</a></h3>
Software patents are a menace to society and economy. They
restrict innovation, damage businesses and put collaborative
creativity in great danger. FSFE fights to keep Europe free
of software patents, and works at the UN level to abolish
software patents around the world.
<ul class="overview">
<h3><a href="/activities/policy/eu/eu.html">European Union</a></h3>
FSFE works with the <a href="/activities/policy/eu/eu.html">European
Commission and European Parliament</a> to create a positive
environment for Free Software and Open Standards in
Europe. We fight against monopolies and for <a href="/campaigns/swpat/novell-cptn.html">competition</a>
in the software market by participating as an interested third
in <a href="/activities/ms-vs-eu/ms-vs-eu.html">antitrust</a>
cases. We inform policy makers about the opportunities that
Free Software offers, and push for interoperability.
<li><a href="/activities/ms-vs-eu/ms-vs-eu.html">Microsoft versus European Union citizens</a></li>
<h3><a href="/activities/education/education.html">Education</a></h3>
FSFE actively promotes the use of Free Software in schools and
universities. Free Software is pedagogically superior, its
basic spirit involving freedom and cooperation is the same
spirit of education in a democratic environment.
<h3><a href="/activities/un/un.html">United Nations</a></h3>
FSFE has been active at the United Nations level since
2002, helping to create a free and equitable global information society. We are
currently active in the following areas:
<li><a href="/activities/wipo/wipo.html">World Intellectual Property Organization</a></li>
<li><a href="/activities/policy/igf/igf.html">Internet Governance Forum</a></li>

<p style="clear: both;">
The Free Software Foundation Europe has worked on many other issues and
campaigns. See our <a href="/campaigns/finished.html">Finished And
Discontinued Projects</a> for details of what we've achieved.

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