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\___|\___/|_| \_\_____|


This directory and all its subdirectories are for special package
information, template, scripts and docs. The files herein should be of use for
those of you who want to package curl in a binary or source format using one
of those custom formats.

The hierarchy for these directories is something like this:


Currently, we have Win32 and Linux for [OS]. There might be different formats
for the same OS so for Linux we have RPM as format.

We might need to add some differentiation for CPU as well, as there is
Linux-RPMs for several CPUs. However, it might not be necessary since the
packaging should be pretty much the same no matter what CPU that is used.

For each unique OS-FORMAT pair, there's a directory to "fill"! I'd like to
see a single README with as much details as possible, and then I'd like some
template files for the package process.