70 Commits (73a2fcea0b4adea6ba342cd7ed1149782c214ae3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Stenberg 73a2fcea0b includes: remove curl/curlbuild.h and curl/curlrules.h 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg a07727005a make/checksrc: use $srcdir, not $top_srcdir 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg ab493af731 checksrc/makefile.am: use $top_srcdir to find source files 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 435f6bcc86 examples/make: add 'checksrc' target 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 4af40b3646 URLs: change all http:// URLs to https:// 3 years ago
  Yang Tse 83a42ee20e curl.h: stricter CURL_EXTERN linkage decorations logic 6 years ago
  Yang Tse 5a053ffe80 build: fix circular header inclusion with other packages 6 years ago
  Yang Tse b908376bef build: explain current role of LIBS in our Makefile.am files 6 years ago
  Yang Tse 6bd6b3a8a1 build: prevent global LIBS from influencing examples build targets 6 years ago
  Dave Reisner 550e403f00 uniformly use AM_CPPFLAGS, avoid deprecated INCLUDES 7 years ago
  Yang Tse 865893fb14 examples: fix compiler warnings 7 years ago
  Yang Tse 21423497ef configure: Windows cross-compilation fixes 7 years ago
  Guenter Knauf 8bab6700d9 Added header to be included by dist script. 8 years ago
  Guenter Knauf 3c3aa09c65 Added NetWare examples makefile. 8 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 029136da60 source header: added to more files 8 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 8219bc9e19 examples: build all examples easier 8 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2309b4e330 remove the CVSish $Id$ lines 9 years ago
  Yang Tse 55e68ba333 I removed leading 'curl' path on the 'curlbuild.h' include statement in 10 years ago
  Yang Tse 14240e9e10 Initial support of curlbuild.h and curlrules.h which allows 11 years ago
  Yang Tse a00febe1a0 add comment for include paths 11 years ago
  Dan Fandrich 1e482fe6a8 Changed the makefile so the doc/examples/ programs are never built in a 11 years ago
  Gunter Knauf 6398f71cc4 moved sample program defines into separate Makefile.inc so that other makefiles can pick up the defines from there. 11 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 454e840590 threaded-ssl.c is a little example that does multi-threaded downloads from 11 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg bff962398d Andres Garcia made the examples build fine on Windows (mingw + msys) when 12 years ago
  Dan Fandrich 8412d1e493 Compile samples with -DCURL_NO_OLDIES 12 years ago
  Dan Fandrich 5bed99c97d The examples don't need access to curl internal source files. 12 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg f5a6355172 fix include path 12 years ago
  Dan Fandrich ffff8ddbef Compile most of the example apps in docs/examples when doing a 'make check'. 12 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg d5eb386d00 Added ghiper.c, Jeff Pohlmeyer's example code using the curl_multi_socket() 13 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 6df85adf3e hiperfifo.c by Jeff Pohlmeyer 13 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg d5e9041344 The new ftpuploadresume.c example by Philip Bock 13 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 655331a91b new little example using the new conversion callbacks added in 7.15.4 13 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg da2c124675 Frank's synctime.c example and an updated list in README 13 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 49a16f7121 Theo Borm's example, as was posted here: 14 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2236ba0d20 Peteris Krumins added CURLOPT_COOKIELIST and CURLINFO_COOKIELIST, which is a 14 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg e4c0a85da0 Jeremy Brown's OpenSSL thread-locking example 14 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg ab96e2d6e9 another example 14 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 883343ba63 HTML <head> parsing (with libxml) example code by Lars Nilsson. 14 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 3e1caa6185 HTTP "auth done right". See lib/README.httpauth 15 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 4a4490d5f1 debug.c is a fresh new example showing how to use the DEBUGFUNCTION to get 15 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2e8f37aca5 Added example of how to use the upcoming support for FTP 3rd party transfers 15 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 9e987ac6a2 getinfo.c is a new tiny example that uses curl_easy_getinfo() to get the 15 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 15cd35f67f added example that makes an upload to a file:// url 15 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 88229a0f2a new example proving that the debug callback works even when the multi 15 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 47d52d4eca added https.c 15 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 24836d30f5 Peter Sylvester's curlx.c code example added 16 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg d5043133e6 Gisle Vanem made curl build with djgpp on DOS. 16 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg fc5c9d8f17 simplepost.c shows a simple POST ;-) 17 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 5215f6f654 we don't need win32sockets.c anymore, we support this internally 17 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 1913b4eeed fopen.c added, a fopen() style emulation for URL reading 17 years ago