147 Commits (73a2fcea0b4adea6ba342cd7ed1149782c214ae3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Stenberg 73a2fcea0b includes: remove curl/curlbuild.h and curl/curlrules.h 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg b5e143e7a5 coverage: run event tests too 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg f6e0f4556e build: provide easy code coverage measuring 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2ff9c3e145 dist: add missing files to the tarball 2 years ago
  Maksim Stsepanenka d1ddda7e75 make: use the variable MAKE for recursive calls 2 years ago
  klemens f7df67cff0 spelling fixes 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 207f588987 make: introduce 'test-nonflaky' target 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg c25e0761d0 make: regenerate docs/curl.1 by runinng make in docs 2 years ago
  Steve Brokenshire e159fff13d Makefile.am: Added scripts/updatemanpages.pl to EXTRA_DIST 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 8611d985ee VC: remove the makefile.vc6 build infra 2 years ago
  Torben Dannhauer 3b36bd8e1a dist: add missing cmake modules to the tarball 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 82279c82c8 dist: add CurlSymbolHiding.cmake to the tarball 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 6afcf82857 build: include scripts/ in the dist 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 51fb24ce7f make checksrc: run it in docs/examples too by default 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 0c6204a51f root/make: have checksrc run in include/curl too 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg d3252e000c checksrc: run checksrc in tests when 'make checksrc' in root 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg ccfa8407a6 Makefile.am: skip the scripts dir 3 years ago
  Steve Holme dc72f8df0c build: Updated all makefiles and project files for the new vauth directory 4 years ago
  Steve Holme e66109c1e3 build: Added missing Visual Studio filter files for VC10 onwards 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 50525f4f40 dist: ship buildconf.bat too 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 4af40b3646 URLs: change all http:// URLs to https:// 3 years ago
  Daniel Shahaf be0d4141af build: Install zsh completion 3 years ago
  Daniel Shahaf 80562083da build: Fix theoretical infinite loops 3 years ago
  Jay Satiro bb6b521f69 build: Added wolfSSL build script for Visual Studio projects 4 years ago
  Steve Holme 2d7e165761 build: Added VC14 project files to Makefile.am 4 years ago
  Steve Holme 1627930177 build: Renamed curl src Visual Studio project files 4 years ago
  Alessandro Ghedini f9f22b0d63 scripts: add zsh.pl for generating zsh completion 4 years ago
  Dan Fandrich 431c5261d2 docs/libcurl: check that all options with man pages are referenced 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 6f494c5e34 Makefile.am: fix 'make distcheck' 4 years ago
  Steve Holme 957fcd9049 build: Renamed top level Visual Studio solution files 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 721fbf63f4 Makefile.am: two cmake files are gone 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 18b82345dc cmake: add CMake/Macros.cmake to the release tarball 5 years ago
  Jakub Zakrzewski 558814e16d Cmake: Build with GSSAPI (MIT or Heimdal) 5 years ago
  Steve Holme 1d2ffb4712 build: Added batch wrapper to checksrc.pl 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 202aa9f775 dist: two cmake files are no more 5 years ago
  Steve Holme a9388b73b1 build: Use CURLX_* file lists for Visual Studio curl tool project generation 5 years ago
  Steve Holme f5e73640f0 Makefile.am: Fixed missing / in VC10+ project file generation 5 years ago
  Steve Holme 6f6646d6e9 build: Slight rename of new LIB_* makefile file variables 5 years ago
  Steve Holme 6cfeeb3bb0 Makefile.am: Corrected a couple of grammar errors 5 years ago
  Steve Holme c346df065e Makefile.am: Added new Visual Studio project file generation for curl tool 5 years ago
  Steve Holme c8224d7ede Makefile.am: Added new Visual Studio project file generation for libcurl 5 years ago
  Steve Holme b121de9d7f Makefile.am: Removed old Visual Studio project file generation 5 years ago
  Steve Holme 4b60db7e50 Makefile.am: Added build-openssl.bat as README file references it 5 years ago
  Steve Holme 50b3111b63 build: Added Visual Studio 2003 .NET (VC7.1) project files 5 years ago
  Steve Holme 0d854de5f0 build: Added Visual Studio .NET (VC7) project files 5 years ago
  Steve Holme c506e03f54 build: Added Visual Studio 6.0 (VC6) project files 5 years ago
  Steve Holme cf9342e275 build: Added Visual Studio 2013 (VC12) project files 5 years ago
  Steve Holme 0160cb2e19 build: Added Visual Studio 2012 (VC11) project files 5 years ago
  Steve Holme 5a23aeb00d Makefile.am: Missed separator in commit fbaa2f8660 5 years ago
  Steve Holme fbaa2f8660 build: Added Visual Studio 2010 (VC10) project files 5 years ago