278 Commits (reuse-compliant)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jonas Oberg 94e84d742a Add license headers where possible 1 year ago
  Jonas Oberg 98c114bce2 Automatic run to add License-Filename and SPDX-License-Identifier to 1 year ago
  Daniel Stenberg f8548e84ad
configure: use -Wno-varargs on clang 3.9[.X] debug builds 1 year ago
  Daniel Stenberg b5cc7dd360
m4/curl-compilers.m4: use proper quotes around string, not backticks 1 year ago
  Jakub Zakrzewski 3cb4bb6b5f curl-confopts.m4: fix --disable-threaded-resolver 1 year ago
  Daniel Stenberg d86e9182e4
configure: use the threaded resolver backend by default if possible 1 year ago
  Marcel Raad 18eac3df1b
ax_code_coverage.m4: update to latest version 1 year ago
  Marcel Raad deadb2348f
curl-compilers.m4: disable warning spam with Cygwin's clang 1 year ago
  Marcel Raad e5d6aa8d61
curl-compilers.m4: fix unknown-warning-option on Apple clang 2 years ago
  Marcel Raad 5bdf835c0b
curl-compilers.m4: enable comma clang warning 2 years ago
  Marcel Raad 32ec3063df
curl-compilers.m4: enable missing-variable-declarations clang warning 2 years ago
  Marcel Raad b5c5909f30
curl-compilers.m4: enable double-promotion warning 2 years ago
  Marcel Raad 783ce023a5
curl-compilers.m4: enable vla warning for clang 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg f6e0f4556e build: provide easy code coverage measuring 2 years ago
  Marcel Raad 5e796c5e94
curl-compilers.m4: escape square brackets in regex 2 years ago
  Marcel Raad 5598b0bd63
curl-compilers.m4: fix compiler_num for clang 2 years ago
  Marcel Raad 314a7fa3ce
curl-compilers.m4: enable -Wshift-sign-overflow for clang 2 years ago
  Jay Satiro 338f427a24 configure: stop prepending to LDFLAGS, CPPFLAGS 2 years ago
  Marcel Raad 71d2d37005
curl-compilers.m4: accept -Og and -Ofast GCC flags 2 years ago
  Marcel Raad 9168e2470d
curl-compilers.m4: turn implicit function declarations into errors 2 years ago
  klemens f7df67cff0 spelling fixes 2 years ago
  Jay Satiro 5f139d6b6f configure: fix for --enable-pthreads 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 27302abb94 s/cURL/curl 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg a34c7ce754 configure/CURL_CHECK_FUNC_POLL: disable poll completely on mac 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 9297ca49f5 configure: detect the broken poll() in macOS 10.12 2 years ago
  Kamil Dudka b2dcf0347f curl-compilers.m4: improve detection of GCC's -fvisibility= flag 3 years ago
  Irfan Adilovic d9f3b365a3 configure: ac_cv_ -> curl_cv_ for write-only vars 3 years ago
  Irfan Adilovic 4b639dbc74 configure: ac_cv_ -> curl_cv_ for r/w vars 3 years ago
  Irfan Adilovic 14c8b45528 configure: ac_cv_ -> curl_cv_ for all cached vars 3 years ago
  Dan Fandrich 093f9cd38d URLs: Change more haxx.se URLs from http: to https: 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 4af40b3646 URLs: change all http:// URLs to https:// 3 years ago
  Johannes Schindelin c208c783f5 configure: detect IPv6 support on Windows 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg bd431eef04 configure: allow static builds on mingw 3 years ago
  Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa 710bb89cf3 curl-confopts.m4: Add missing ')' 3 years ago
  Michał Fita cee21eb6a7 configure: add --disable-rt option 3 years ago
  Drake Arconis d186be9510 build: Fix typo from OpenSSL 1.0.2 version detection fix 4 years ago
  Drake Arconis 878c5757c0 build: Properly detect OpenSSL 1.0.2 when using configure 4 years ago
  Daniel Johnson 5fe879555d Enable poll on darwin13 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 092f33d6bf configure: use icc options without space 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 09634f46fb configure: improve CURL_CHECK_COMPILER_PROTOTYPE_MISMATCH 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 5d3cbde72e configure: warn on bad env variable use, don't error 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 8fe8fd2b17 Revert "configure: don't error out on variable confusions, just warn" 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 6b27703b5f configure: don't error out on variable confusions, just warn 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 045ccb59a4 configure: rephrase the notice in _XC_CHECK_VAR_* 5 years ago
  Yang Tse dd17069c9e xc-am-iface.m4: comments refinement 6 years ago
  Yang Tse 26b0cb6ae2 configure: fix 'subdir-objects' distclean related issue 6 years ago
  Yang Tse ecf042ff3c xc-am-iface.m4: provide XC_AUTOMAKE macro 6 years ago
  Yang Tse 70b5173410 configure: use XC_LIBTOOL for portability across libtool versions 6 years ago
  Yang Tse eacfb5d8a6 xc-lt-iface.m4: provide XC_LIBTOOL macro 6 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 429820b180 strcasestr: remove check for this unused function 6 years ago