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  janwey 463e2699be Edit: ILFS plotting 1 year ago
  janwey dd63711afd New Data, February 15 morning 1 year ago
  janwey bd86de5581 Edit: recompiled PDF, extract hashtags, write TODO 1 year ago
  janwey eb496f37aa Merge branch 'docs' of vincent/ilfs-data into master 1 year ago
  vincent 780527a386 Some improvments to the documentation 1 year ago
  janwey 86b178cdc2 Add: New Data from February 14th 1 year ago
  janwey 13568bdc51 Edit: Updated Documentation to reflect the new Fediverse-Section of the script 1 year ago
  janwey de4965a3cb Edit: tiny fix in header 1 year ago
  janwey fc807180b7 Edit: Also include Account names 1 year ago
  janwey f0cb66cd74 Edit: merge standardize-branch 1 year ago
  janwey 79c0ff359e Edit: Standardized Collector-Style 1 year ago
  janwey 0c5b89c921 Edit: implement changes by Vincent in a similar style to the rest of the code 1 year ago
  janwey e783ab79cd Merge branch 'extract_all_toots' of vincent/ilfs-data into master 1 year ago
  vincent b944998530 Use the mastodon paging mechanism to get all the toots 1 year ago
  janwey 96b8d4647c Merge branch 'curl_mastodon' of vincent/ilfs-data into master 1 year ago
  vincent f5e7eed98b Add mastodon toots dataframe 1 year ago
  janwey 4ff78b8a1d Edit: Formatting fixes, update documentation for the Twitter-Performance-Fix 1 year ago
  janwey 1e90ca2f28 Edit: Performance Fixes for Twitter-Section 1 year ago
  janwey b1c130bc75 Edit: cover Wait-time fix in Documentation 1 year ago
  janwey 9bc7332c1e Edit: small fixes of the Reddit-Section 1 year ago
  janwey 490c2eefd1 Add: Documentation for the Reddit Section of the Collector 1 year ago
  janwey 15f1f1dd63 Remove: RFacebook (we will not scrape FB) 1 year ago
  janwey 01658836b4 Add: documenting the data export 1 year ago
  janwey c91dcb1f73 Edit: restructuring the Export-Section. Exporting as RData, TXT, CSV 1 year ago
  janwey e84f6e6d8a Edit: we did a full explaination in the Twitter secion, so we should also do it here 1 year ago
  janwey b733ccc2b9 Merge branch 'Mastodon-docs' of janwey/ilfs-data into master 1 year ago
  janwey d79055f938 Edit: standadization / fixing Markdown 1 year ago
  janwey 785c317fa6 Add: Documentation for the Mastodon/Fediverse Section of the Collector 1 year ago
  jayvii 608c363c6d Edit: some cleanup work 1 year ago
  janwey b29c3fdff8 Add: Documentation - Packages used - Twitter Collector 1 year ago
  janwey 3889e02730 Edit: we actually want manually copied tweets, Edit: refering to the documentation 1 year ago
  janwey 3392e57fd2 Edit: First dataset, includes twitter and mastodon 2018 1 year ago
  janwey d93974beba Edit: quick naming-fix 1 year ago
  janwey bef44fcd2f Edit: we should also include client-data 1 year ago
  janwey ee8a88d618 Add: initial Mastodon (fediverse) support 1 year ago
  janwey 241220fd88 Add: example for facebook-API credential file, list of opensource projects on facebook 1 year ago
  janwey 70effbc1a5 Edit: fixed the missed opportunity of the word play (common in the R community) 1 year ago
  janwey a3d238483c Add: initial facebook-collector (WIP) 1 year ago
  janwey 4d7125ef4f Add: initial twitter-collector 1 year ago