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  JayVii 6e240af254 Newer R version was used, python was not. (C) FSFE 2019 pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii 558876aeda Add example visualizations pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii 1cd2974333 cleanup pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii 1aca06860b Suggestion for contribution pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii 0357bbc917 Update Licenses pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii f72fc0b3f1 correction pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii 910b1711df 2019 results pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii 6df5915926 last minute changes pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii c5768e31fc Finalization of Plotting pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii 7d2ecc107f WIP: reworking plots pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii f7918503d3 extract mentions and hashtags pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii f799ac4516 This prevents "merged" words pirms 8 mēnešiem
  janwey 29332f7e18 Merge branch 'cleanup-2019' of janwey/ilfs-data into master pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii fb3f3badb8 too much to put in a single commit tbh pirms 8 mēnešiem
  JayVii 6d6bf322f6 rewrite: twitter and mastodon pirms 8 mēnešiem
  janwey 8e56bcbc34 only install package if not installed pirms 8 mēnešiem
  janwey e6a08f1b48 adding mentions; minor cleanup pirms 8 mēnešiem
  janwey ada7e5a9d5 Add: Readme for better understanding the project pirms 1 gada
  janwey cf31aeb354 Edit: license graphics and plots under CC-BY-4.0 pirms 1 gada
  janwey 57061b8cf9 Merge branch 'license' of janwey/ilfs-data into master pirms 1 gada
  janwey fcd61a518e Edit: Vincent contributed to this a lot as well pirms 1 gada
  janwey da5ab05349 Add: Wordcloud documentation pirms 1 gada
  janwey 14a3bd884f Edit: Finishing documentation of plotte.R script pirms 1 gada
  janwey 35749c09ed add license to makefile as well pirms 1 gada
  janwey e8c59b837c add SPDX license identifiers pirms 1 gada
  janwey e98fbe13d9 Edit: (WIP) documentation for plotte.R pirms 1 gada
  janwey 9272df665d Edit: cleaning up data pirms 1 gada
  janwey 89fc24ffbe Release code under GPLv3 pirms 1 gada
  janwey 428ff2c867 Edit: trivial formatting changes pirms 1 gada
  janwey 4770baddfb Edit: adapt documentation to the rtweet package pirms 1 gada
  janwey acae2e3de5 Edit: new plot for participation by date pirms 1 gada
  janwey dd5b008343 Edit: participation by date with ggplot2, plots as pdf and png, list of blogs and media pirms 1 gada
  janwey 7bd842533f Edit: extracted new hahstags and mentions, created wordcloud graphic pirms 1 gada
  janwey 4f5d6fdbed Merge branch 'master' of https://git.fsfe.org/janwey/ilfs-data pirms 1 gada
  janwey 52e6089ac9 Edit: fixing Twitter - using rtweet instead of unmaintained twitteR package now pirms 1 gada
  janwey c9800d1c62 Merge branch 'wordcloudtransparent' of janwey/ilfs-data into master pirms 1 gada
  janwey f3d5fb69fb add: transparent version of wordcloud-graphic pirms 1 gada
  janwey 441b331c2b Merge branch 'word_cloud' of vincent/ilfs-data into master pirms 1 gada
  janwey aa29bf57e2 Merge branch 'tags_and_mentions' of janwey/ilfs-data into master pirms 1 gada
  vincent 97cfcf1ce2 Word cloud image pirms 1 gada
  janwey 9be39ac807 Add: How often was each project mentioned or hashtagged (manually inserted in CSV) pirms 1 gada
  janwey 86d3cd98ad Edit: fix issue with cbind() not being able to include the mode() of fdat pirms 1 gada
  janwey 8ea49086f2 Merge branch 'useless_if' of vincent/ilfs-data into master pirms 1 gada
  vincent a0019a3ca7 Move variables initialization outside the for loop pirms 1 gada
  janwey 4ff977a417 Merge branch 'date' of janwey/ilfs-data into master pirms 1 gada
  janwey f6c36b1d07 Add: real Date-Time-Timezone string pirms 1 gada
  janwey 896ac19a5e Edit: Final Data and Plots - ILFS2018 pirms 1 gada
  janwey e19e44bd96 Edit: finer lines in plot pirms 1 gada
  janwey 463e2699be Edit: ILFS plotting pirms 1 gada
  janwey dd63711afd New Data, February 15 morning pirms 1 gada